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Cat shows

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Are cat shows really good? I wanted to go to one that was held here in Salt Lake city, but I didn't know about it until Sunday night.
How much do they charge for the entrance?
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I love them - so much to see and experience. You really should go at least once, you'd love it. They usually also charge really good prices on toys and stuff. The last one charged $10 and $8 for seniors to get in.
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I don't know about cat shows in the US, but I think they're quite the same as here in Italy. I love to go and they're not expensive usually. At big ones you can get plenty of free cat food, bowls and other gifts. I love to see different breeds, I always find I like also some I'd said I didn't like.
But I also see many people go just to keep saying how ugly peke-faced persians are, how that tabby cat looks like my aunt's cat, and so on, without the least interest to cat breeds and colors and the differences between them. I adore mixed-breed cats but I think if one really loves cats they should be interested in learning about them, and about breeds, coats, body types...
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Okay, I am going to read every Newspapers and every local news and other sources of information so that next time there is a dog or cat show, I will go. Until I came to this site, I was only familiar with a few breeds of cats and I want to learn more.
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Are you interested in showing a cat??

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If you click on the link, it will take you to the catsites page of breed club links. Usually each club has a calander of where and when the shows are held.
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No, I am not interested in showing a cat. I just want to learn about the different breeds. I am only familiar with the persians, siamese, the manx, and Devon Rex. I know more dog breeds than cat breeds.
Sandie, thank you for the link.
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Sandie, is the CFA the feline version of the AKC which is the official club for dog breeds?
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Nena, there are no real "official" clubs for cats. For some reason, everyone can't get along and just make one big club. CFA and TICA are probably the largest.
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The shows are nice, because you can pick up bigger bags of cat food, for a better price, if the right vendors are there. Other things like carrier's, equipment & toys seem to be priced higher than in pet catalogs.
I noticed that exhibitors at CFA shows have negative things to say about what is allowed at TICA shows, and those at TICA shows have negative things to say about CFA shows. I have yet to talk to an exhibitor at a show, that goes to both types.
A friend & I were showing dogs at a AKC show, on the same fairgrounds with a CFA show. I had just gotten a pair of cats, so wanted to check out the show. My friend said it was about as exciting as watching grass grow. She thinks I'm nuts for wanting to learn how to show cats.
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