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Ears and teeth

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My vet recommended that I start brushing Rascal's teeth. How often do I do this and what do I use?

Also, I have been cleaning Rascal's ears with baby oil and cotton swabs. But the vet told me to use a solution instead? What is the best brand of ear cleaning solution I should buy? How often do you guys clean your cats' ears?
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My Vet recommended the same for my Mom's girl Piper. She said to prush once a day and My mom uses a finger brush with a chicken flavored tooth past (other flavors are also available) - you can purchase of stores like Petsmart.

I have no experience with ears but I sure the other members will have experience with that.

Good luck!!
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My Vet recommended using Mineral Oil to clean out my kitties ears when they had an ear mite problem. I think its supposed to be better for them than baby oil. I know there is a solution you can get at the Vet's, kind of looks like pink liquid soap. Why do you need to clean Rascals ears? Does he have mites? The only time I've ever had to clean my kitties ears is when they had mites and then I had drops to put in the ears too. The cleaner is designed to remove all of the mites' waste (that black stuff that builds up in there).
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I had to have Sunshine's ears cleaned when she had mites. They did it at the vets, and I had to take her back a week later for a second treatment. They didn't mention to me to continue to clean them, so maybe you should check with the vet pertaining to Rascal.
As far as the teeth, I don't brush hers yet. But I think I'll have to start........I've read that it is so important.
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I thought feeding dry food keeps the teeth clean?
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Yeah, I've read something about that too. I also have seen certain foods that say "dental care"........wonder if it really works.
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We've never had to clean any of our cats' ears. Funny thing, we've only started to have problem with our dog's ears when the new groomer started to mess with them (clean them and pluck the hair out of them)

As for teeth, well, Satey always check out OK on his vet exams, but he does have a bit of tartar which will have to be scraped by a vet. He eats dry food only, and has all his life (9 years). Gus has just gotten his adult teeth. We've been using these Drs. Foster and Smith teeth cleaning pads on him. He hates them, but we want to get him used to having his teeth cleaned because Satey will not let us brush his teeth (I should have started brushing them at a younger age).
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My vet told me to clean the ears of one of my cats. Nubi doesn't have mites, and hasn't had them for as long as he's been with me (about a year). He just has a brown, greasy substance that looks like normal body oils. The vet said he just didn't clean his ears well enough. (Although I do occasionally see his brother doing it for him. ) My directions were to clean with a dry cotton ball, no solution needed. I do it about once every week or two. The impression I got was that it wasn't that big of a deal, there wouldn't be any permanent damage or anything if I didn't do it.
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I wonder if I should clean Rascal's ears because I've noticed he is getting wax build-up. Or is that good for the cat?
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Well Piper is a Red Somali and according to the VET some breeds and especially red cats have a predisposition for gingervitis - this just preventive (she also eats just dry and that should
help). About her ears she also get's that greasy build up - checked with mom, she jsut uses war wipes purchased by Petsmart.
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nena10- Are you sure its wax buildup and not mites?? What does it look like?
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Yellowish green. Same thing that comes out of our ears. I know what mites look like. My other cat Jake had them. I know they look black. Also if they were mites, Rascal would be scratching.
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Nena, you may want to try ear cleaning pads. I know Drs Foster and Smith sells them, and they may have a similar product at Petsmart or other pet stores.
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We've had to clean Striker's ears since we got him a year ago. At first, we were told he had mites and were given ear drops. We used as directed, but he still develops brown grunge in his ears that needs swabbed out, maybe every 10 days or so.

Sassy also has some grunge build-up in her ears. Last time she was at the vet, her ears were cleaned and declared mite-free, but she still gets the gunk.

My understanding is along the lines of natural body oils/wax build-up, similar to humans.

Maybe I should have the vet check both of them again, or try a different vet?

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The experience I have had with ears is that dark brown to black goock is usually mites. If it is light in color and they are itching at them, you will usually find a baterial infection in there. Some breeds are pre disposed to waxy ears, but if it is a domestic and they are indoors only, there really shouldn't be any dirt.
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As far as teeth go, my Vet gave me a blue gel that I am supposed to squirt into her mouth once a day. It fights tartar, and overall maintains mouth health.

I am not an expert in ears.
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