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spaz is under house arrest and not enjoying one second of it she lives in my dresser now or on top of the fridge where ever she feels we cant see her at. i found a vet clinic its going to run about 56 dollars that is the absoulte cheapest i have found 10 for pain pills, 35 for the procedure, 11 for rabies shot(required). im gonna find some leash set up and let spaz walk around outside so she doesnt go stir crazy. everytime the door opens she atempts to have a jail break.
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maybe you can link to a previous post.. i'm completely lost
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if that doesnt work look under prenant cats and kitten care and look for the post called pregnant mama
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Threads linked *smile*

You've done your homework! Great job. $56 is a good price. The guy I go to charges a lot more than that!

Keep us updated.

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im gonna keep you guys updated since i have found a clinic im gonna wait till she has these kittens then make my appt since it will give me a better idea as to when i will be able to afford going down there. im gonna start taking her for walks outside so she will stop glaring at me since she enjoys sleeping in my dresser (im missing a drawer so she sleeps in the next one down on my clothes) i will maybe make that a possble birthing spot. hopefully the mother instincts wont let have the kittens on her spot the fridge cuse we will be having some problems
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no i have not called and arranged a spaz a day in the clinic. i am waiting intill she has her kittens. i have found two kittens homes. still working on who knows how more she had 5 last time so im hoping for the same number. spaz will have her day at the vet thou i talked to my bf (he has transportation) and he agreed to take me and spaz and pay for it (i am going to pay him back).

ok how is spaz she has become the abosolute friendlist cat in the world. she has her mood swings when she cant go outside. oh my that tummy is sticking out. i talked to my uncle about putting her on kitty food. should i do this asap i need a time frame as do when i should switch her. i talked to a vet about changing her food and how to do it without possible making her sick and im gonna follow the advice. the vet told me to wait intill she is further along but i apprecaite a second opinion on that. hopefully this summer i can get a job and i will save up a hundred dollars and open up a spaz emergency fund. by my calculations miss spaz is about almost a month pregnant.
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