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Cat Birthday Party?

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Hello Everyone

Sammy's first birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my boyfriend and I were joking about throwing a birthday party. We won't be putting party hats on the poor things, but it would be nice to do something special.....maybe an extra-special treat? Does anyone have any ideas?
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I think Leo's mum had a nice little birthday party for Leo. She had some cute pics on the thread. Maybe PM her, it looked like she had a great party for him!
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Teufel and i are having a party together
because im on the 7th and he is on the 8th
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a Tuna Cake?......
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I have a birthday pary for my cats every year. I have a couple people over and have dinner. I have a cake for the humans and a special treat for the birthday kitty. Actually all the cats get a treat but I usually get the birthday kitty's favorite. Of course the birthday kitty gets presents from me and my family. A couple times I've made the kitty wear a hat just long enough for a picture.
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Yippee! It's going to be Sammy's Birthday!What fun! Sierra gets a Birthday party every year complete with wrapped presents, singing and a candle, of course! Yes, Leo had a wonderful party this past year, bet you can get some great ideas from that. An idea I got from Leo's Mommy was to turn a can of food, Sammy's favorite, of course, upside down on a pretty plate, decorate it with dry kibble, and put the candle in it! It makes a great cake!This will be fun, we sure are looking forward to pictures of Sammy's big day!
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