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Sympathy, kisses and belly rubs for my baby girl

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My poor baby girl has a fat lip. She caught it on her collar Luckily I was there to reassure her and it was only caught for a second but.... It is a safety breakaway collar, but somehow it had loosened. I think she must have been licking her chest at the time. It may have been because of the BIG tag I was told to keep on it from the shelter. The vet's are closed today but I took a pic of her lip and took it to the shelter vet who said she should be ok, just keep an eye on her and if it doesn't go down in a few days take her to the vet. It doesn't seem to be bothering her, she's eating, drinking, pooping and acting normal. I'm keeping a VERY close eye on it tho, in case anything else develops.
The shelter said she doesn't have to wear the tag anymore - as if I would have put it back on anyway! It's an id tag, in case she gets lost there's a special no. to call and she's registered on a database. I might put the info on a piece of paper and put it in a little tube that attaches to a collar, what do you think?
She's micro chipped too. I'm just so angry that she got hurt and I feel so sad for my poor girl, she's so brave
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awwee, i'm sorry

I'm sure she'll be ok, but i would not rely on a vet taking a look at a picture, i'd take her in anyway just to be safe.

On the point of the tag, i'd take it off and leave the collar on (if she goes outside). she's chipped, so should be ok
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Poor little girl. Hope she's feeling normal soon, but I'm sure she's ok. We've all had a fat lip in our time and come out fine. Give her some extra cuddles and maybe a treat or two and she'll be as right as rain!
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I hope she feel better soon.
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I am sure your baby will be ok, but if you are worried, I would take her to the vet just to be on the safe side. As for the collar, I would not put it back on. I don't like the idea of a cat wearing a collar when I am not home to supervise, even the break away type. If she is microchipped, there would be no need for the I.D. tag anymore.
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Oh, poor baby! I know you're so sad to see your baby girl injured, Villy.I'm just thankful she is ok. You're taking such wonderful care of her, I know little Jessy will be perfectly well in no time at all. Please do keep us updated how she's feeling and how her lip is!Sierra and I send for her sweet little lip!
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aww, thank you guys, I'll keep you posted on how she's doing.
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Awwww poor baby! Hope her lip goes down soon
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I always wonder where people live who think a cat doesn't need a collar.

Everywhere I've EVER lived, a stray cat without a collar is little more then a target, and one found outside would never live long enough to get scanned at a vet. Certainly nobody would take the time to trap such an animal and take it to the vet.

If you're worried, I'd get one of those embriodered collars, so the cat's name and phone # can be on it without a hanging tag.
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Lot's of love and healing to your baby. It's so hard when one of your little ones gets hurt. Daisy has been limping for a while now and the vet thinks she may have arthritis. She's only 2! So, Daisers has to go in for x-rays on Thursday. I feel for ya.
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Awww, poor thing! I'm sending bundles of belly rubs, chin scritches, head butts, and kisses her way!!!
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Poor little girl!!! Makes me think twice about Eponine's breakaway collar, too. Sending her lots of "Get better Jessy" vibes from me and the girls
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Aww poor girl. I think you'll find this to be an isolated incident - unless the collar was too loose - so loose that when she bends her head down it's possible to get caught in it. We are obliged to keep collars on our kitties and none of them have ever had any incidents with their collars - the oldest is 10 years. Having said that, the eldest did jump through the stair rails when she was a kitten and got a swollen paw - but she only did that once and no harm was done. The point of that story - sometimes things happen, it doesn't mean they'll happen all the time and the kitty does get better.

Sending her lots of hugs and vibes in the meantime.
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Thank you so much for all your hugs etc, I'm sure it's helped.
Hmm, I'm thinking maybe this should be in health now, but I can't move it so , sorry in advance.
As it's been 5 days now and Villy's lip hasn't gone down I took her to the vet tonight. Villy has been acting fine, but it's better to be safe than sorry. The vet said it was 'eosmophilic granuloma complex', and that it may have become rodent lip. The vet gave her an injection of Depo Medron V. I think maybe this is a steroid, does anyone know? Apparently this should also help with her worrying at the fur on her legs. It should help her to be calm. It could all be due to stress as she is an anxious cat and it's still not that long since I got her from the shelter. (6 weeks) So, I'll keep you posted on her progress
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Awww poor Villy - yes you're right to go back to the vet as it has gone down.

Sending lots of hugs to Villy - she looks just like our Tippy - she was from a shelter as well and is a kitty with issues (she's terrified of everything).
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