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the kittens not given a chance

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my neighbor new i loved cats and all animals he had rescued two kittens someone was going to leave for dead. they had barely opened there eyes. one kitten was doing good would eat mushed up kitty food. the other you had to bottle feed. he was elderly and had arthitises and had trouble feeding the second kitten. i fed the kittens got the second one as plump as i could in a matter of hours. the next day i brought the little one inside cuse i had to baby sitt and couldnt leave the house. i plumbed him back up again. he he slept in a ball on my pillow or on my lap. and i swear he purred while he slept. the next day i went over to retrive my adopted baby and i was informed of his passing while i was at school. my pillow clothes everything was covered in that new kitty smell. this happened a long time ago and i just wish for people to put all the kittys who werent given a chance in htere prayers. some pets live to an old age this kitten didnt see a month old.

A life that flickered
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Bless you and your neighbor for trying to help the kittens.
That kind of thing happens a lot unfortunately.
It is very sad indeed but you did all you could.
I do pray for all the strays and ferals out there both cats and kittens as well as for my own furbabies at home. I love all cats and I wish I could save them all but that is just not possible.
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I know what you are feeling, it happen to me once but saved 5 now Hard
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Yes, I do pray for all those kitties in need! Your fine efforts deserve much praise. In that short month, your little kitty knew comfort & love;when you are reunited on the other side of Rainbow Bridge you will truly see what a wonderful difference your caring made! You have a dear heart to be such a friend to all cats! May your future endeavors be richly blessed! Susan
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I know the great sense of loss when a tiny kitten you've been caring for doesn't make it. It hurts as much as losing one you've loved for a long time, but it is the loss of potential that hurts.

Thank you for the love you showed that little kitten. No love is ever lost or meaningless. You are a kindhearted person.
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I love animals too and all 7 of my babies were abandoned or abused. It is really hard to see what they have already been through and just when things are getting better for them they are gone. Just take comfort in knowing that you made the end of a bad beginning wonderful for them. You are in my toughts.
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it doesnt matter how long ago this happened it is still a painful memory for you. Remember though that you do your best and some little lives are still taken early.
Bless you for trying - you are in my thoughts.
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Thanks for all you do. Sending hugs and prayers.
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