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I am so relieved!!!!

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We found out yesterday that my mother-in-law will most likely be taking Hazel. She has been locked in that room since August (Hazel, not my mother-in-law ) She and Lucy have never gotten along. So Hazel will now be going to a nice big house and will be the only resident cat which is exactly what she needs. My husband and I are so excited.
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How nice! It's so nice that you can still see Hazel whenever you want, and watch her thrive! Yay to your MIL!
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I don't blame you for being relieved....I would be too! Yea for MIL's!!!
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How wonderful! This will be so much better for Hazel and Lucy!
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Wonderful news
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I am so excited that I will still get to see her! And I'm also glad she's going to someone I trust and not some random home. I don't want to say she's a special needs kitty, but in a way she is...She's so skittish, the only people she trusts are my husband and myself. And Jan (MIL) is not the type to pry her out of hiding places and force her to do anything, she'll let Hazel go at her own pace.
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awww!! yay im so happy for you and hazel!!!
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Hazel landed on her feet this time! lol

Good luck in her new home
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That is fantastic - how great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's great! I'm sure Hazel will be very happy and you'll still be able to see her! I know how much of a difference it can make to have one less thing to stress about. Glad to hear the situation was resolved in such a positive way!
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Congratulations on finding a terrific solution - it probably won't be long before Hazel bonds with your MIL, and I'm sure she'll enjoy being "queen of the hill", so to say.
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this is great! things always work out for teh better, you know
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