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Bath stuff that makes you feel like a princess....

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I went to Walmart last night and got some really great bath/toiletry products. I took a long bath and used these products last night and they were just awesome. They really just made me feel good.

So you guys list what yummy bath/body products you adore....
The things I got last night....

-Jasmine and White-tea Milk bath. (I had never tried milkbath, it's great stuff)
-Dove 'Nutrient" body soap (I usually just get regular Dove or Caress,,this soap I think I liked better)
-Some 'baby soft' shaving cream for legs,,,with vitamin oils.
-Nutri-pure face wash (this is the first wash Ive tried that doesnt make my face feel tight and dry after washing,,but smooth, soft, and moisturized!) I know, I know, I sound like a walking advertisement!!
-Calgon's perfume 'tahitian orchid' (I was browsing in the isle and found that they have perfume now,,and not the little body spray mist stuff, but real perfume, in a box and everything. I decided to give it a try seeing as it's about $30 cheaper than my perfume) It smells lovely!!!

After I got out of the tub after using all this stuff,,,I just felt so smooth and clean, and smelled so sweet. Isnt it crazy how a simple thing like being clean can make you happy?? LOL,,I should of tried this 'bathing' thing sooner..LOL!
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My favorite luxury bath item would have to be bath and body works warm vanilla sugar salt scrub. OMG. It smells so heavenly and is thick and rich and for me is expensive for a bath product. But I use it when I need a pick me up or am feeling romantic or before an interview or whatever.. whenever I need to feel good about myself. But the only thing about it is I'm scared I will get irritation or a UTI because it's salt so I use it right before i get out of the tub, I wish I could just soak in it..
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I love this kinda stuff also. Here is what I use:
Plain old dove soap
Sephora body cream - love it!!
Olay regenerist face cloths
Olay day time and night time face lotion
Pantene thick volume shampoo and conditioner in one
No hairspray or mousse usually
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I like bath and body works midnight path, I like there pumpkin facial stuff, I like there body wash, I like there take your vitiams for your cace, it makes your face feel so smooth but not greasy, oh well just wrap up the whole store, I'll take it, the gals at the one I go to just automatically hand me a basket lol, and I still like johnsons baby oil once in awhile also, and most of all I like neutrogen rain bath and body oil, I Love that freash sent, ok I'm done I think
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I LOVE all kinds of stuff like that! I use it every day!
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How true, bath/body products can just make you feel so good! I could spend a small fortune in Bath & Body Works and The Body Shop! Their body washes and lotions are just the greatest! I'm enjoying Sun Ripened Raspberry and Lavendar body wash lately. I use Cetaphil for washing my face. My very favorite scent ever is Spirit of Moonflower by the Body Shop. I have the body wash, lotion, and perfume. It's so wonderful!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
My very favorite scent ever is Spirit of Moonflower by the Body Shop. I have the body wash, lotion, and perfume. It's so wonderful!
So true - it's lovely isn't it! My daughter bought me a gift bag of Moonflower products for Mother's Day - it smells beautiful.
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I'm happy to hear you like it, too, Beth!
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i will have to try for the moonflower! havent been to the body shop in a while!
We dont have a bath in our appartment and its like so sad! when do i ever get to relax???????

Recently i bought Jasmin & rose aroma therapy by Palmolive its a body wash/ bath liquid soap, it smells so nice.
I actually really hate the smell of roses but this is so nice!
If my mum gives me money the day i go to frankfurt im definetely doing a shopping spree
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My favourite is a Green Tea flavoured bath salt (almost like green sand) that I get at the Shoppers. It makes the water slightly green and the whole bathroom smells nice. Unfortunately, I don't really have baths at this house, but when I visit my parents one of my first stops is usually their giant bathtub. SOOOOOOOO nice!
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I love a lavender and sea salt bath after a hard day at work. 10 drops of lavender essential oil and a half cup of sea salt makes your skin feel wonderful.
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what a coinquidink!

I took a long bath over the weekend as well, and i used a red currant infused bubble bath from the body shop ... that was a real treat plus, i added some bath salts from Ahava, - really softened up my skin
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For baths I usually use some kind of bath salts. I also usually have a face mask and will do the whole cucumbers over the eyes thing. Recently I got some aromatherapy for PMS stuff from my best friend and there's some milk bath in there. I haven't tried it yet though.

In general I use Bath and Body Works body wash or Juicy sugar scrub from Dessert(which is absolutely incredible). For my face I use Aura Science face wash (which then follows with a primer and lotion after the bath/shower). Sometimes I use an in-shower body moisturizer from Bath and Body Works that's in the scent of coconut and lime verbena. It's amazing how soft and yummy smelling I am after that. A couple of times a week I use a foot scrub with a pumice stone as well.

I have a bunch of other stuff, but those are the things in my shower/tub right now.

I love bath products, can you tell?
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here's my stuff:
Chocolate bubble bath - whatever i can find, it's hard to locate!
Serendipity 3 frozen hot chocolate bath & body gel
Dulce Vita (bath & body works) - the chocolate scent, of course!
serenditpity 3 chocolate body icing or bath & body works chocolate lotion
Freeman's Peach & Pearberry body butter
i also have a perfume called Seredipitous, that's very chocolatey smelling, as well as some powder...and candles, too!

hmmm.... is there a theme here?
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i always use the Radox bubble bath, in all different scents, it's lovely
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I have been using the Bath and Body Works "Lemon Merangue" line since Valentine's day ... it makes me feel pampered & it seems to be getting a good reaction from David
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