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behavioral problems

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this is the first time I have been here and hope it helps. I am new to being a cat owner and not sure if this is normal. We recently tried breeding our persian cat. Well the breeder said she wasn't sure if the male "got" her or not so we would have to wait and see. Well.... in the past week or so Roxxie has changed so much. She was such a loving cat before, now she seems so scared of everything, walking around all scrunched down and isn't being very sociable.... which she was before. She even had an accident on the floor.... which she has never done before. We try to pick her up and she goes crazy!!!! If we move fast she jumps 5 feet in the air!!!! She has gone MAD!!!! I don't know what to do. I took her to the vet and he said since she only mated about 3 1/2 weeks ago he couldn't tell yet. Can anyone let me know if this is pregnancy stuff or could something be wrong with her... feel free to email me.... thanks in advance.... Cher
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I posted on another board about my problem but thought this might be a better place. My problem is I don't know if my cat is pregnant or not and she is doing crazy things. I bred her about 3-4 weeks ago. Well the breeder said he wasn't sure if the male "got" her or not, just wait and see. Well in the last week she has gone MAD!!! She won't let anyone pick her up, she is scared of every movement... makes her jump in the air 5 feet, and she isn't being sociable like she was before. Yesterday she wet on the floor.... which she has NEVER done. I don't know if this is something that could be related to pregnancy or is something wrong with her? We have just kept her in her room for the past couple of days because she doesn't want to be bothered. Any information would be greatly appreciated.... thanx in advance.... ~cher~
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Have you bred your female cat before?

Did anything happen at the other place during her time there that may have frightened her?

And with such a sudden change in personality and behaviour, especially with the urinating, is it possible that there could be a medical problem?
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was the male cat tested for diseases?

when my cat was pregnant she became much more affectionate.

have you spoken to your vet about this?
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The breeder said she was scared but she was fine within a couple of days of getting home. It's just in the past week that she has been acting so strange. It's the scared part that I can't figure out.
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The male was tested for everything and is fine. When i took her to the vet he said he can't tell if she is pregnant yet because it has only been 3 weeks since mating. So I'm not even sure if she's pregnant.
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Maverick got a bit bitey and scratchy about 3/4 weeks into her pregnancy.

have you asked the vet about the change in her behaviour and asked for an overall checkup.

she might just be feeling scraed by all the hormonal changes if she is pregnant. Maverick got morning sickness at around 3 weeks in.
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Did you have xrays on her? Sounds to me like something is wrong internally with this cat-and she has been injured.
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The vet told me she should be rechecked at 5-6 weeks to see if she is pregnant. He said 3 weeks is too early to tell. Do you think that is true? I haven't asked him about the symptoms as it just happened this weekend.... should I call him?
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She hurt her nail and had to have it pulled off. The vet just pulled it off so it was sore for a couple of days. Maybe that's still bothering her?????????????
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i would be patient with the pregnancy. forget about it for the mean time and concentrate on her behaviour now(if you can, you must be pretty excited!)

if this was the first time she was bred she might have been scared and confused by what the boy cat was trying to do with her and fought him off. the boy might have also been a bit heavy handed and injured her. Maverick came back with a bite wound on her scruff and a limp from tussling with a male.(fixed by a visit to the vets)

cats are really good at hiding pain, its an evoloutionary advantage. what i personally would do is take her to the vet for a check up. dont immediatley suggest pregnancy, just tell him/her about the changes in your cats behaviour.
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I think I will call him and get her in today..... I'm so glad I found this post.....I'll let you know what I find out when I take her in....
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keep us posted
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I will........... now she wet on the floor!!!!!!!!!! Twice!!!!!!!!!!!!! could she be having a kidney infection or something??????????? I definetely have to get her to the vet today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes, it does sound like there is a medical problem going on. Stress can lead to a urinary tract infection, and cats often indicate this by not using their litter boxes. You also mentioned that she had a nail pulled off - that definitely sounds extremely painful, and if she didn't receive any pain medication for it, the pain could cause a fear reaction. It sounds like your little girl has had a lot of things happen to her in a very short period of time! I would also suggest, if it turns out that she isn't pregnant, to wait for a while before trying again to give her a chance to calm down and regain some of her lost confidence. She is certainly showing a lot of symptoms of stress. Yes, a vet visit is definitely in order. Good luck.
Oh, another suggestion that Hissy often recommends - get a new litter box for her as well . If she has a urinary tract infection she may be associating the pain with the litter box and so avoids the litter box. A new one won't have the same association. You should have two litter boxes for her anyway:-).

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Well we went to the vet today.... poor Roxxie has a bladder infection and is on amoxicillin. She seems better after just 2 doses .... and so far no wetting on the floor today. The vet also confirmed that she is pregnant so we have to take her in for x-rays the middle of April to find out how many babies there are.....
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Maverick.... how did you get a picture of your baby on your reply?????????? I would love to put a picture of Roxxie Rue on here but don't know how.....
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Maverick.... how did you get a picture of your baby on your reply?????????? I would love to put a picture of Roxxie Rue on here but don't know how....
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