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behavioral problem or being playful?

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Tigger will stand up and wrap her paws around my leg. Why does she do this? Is it her way of saying that she wants to play or is not getting enough attention? She does it for a second, then darts away!! She will also put her paws on my back when I'm on the computer!! Crazy kitten..... extremely wild when she wants to be. But, hey, she is part Asian leopard!!

Does anyone else's cat do ths?
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Hehe, I have a few who do this. They are using their hunting skills and wanting to play. I love it when they take off like you are going to chase them..hehe
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My cats do this all the time. Sometimes Gezer just won't leave me alone, almost climbing on me. Usually that means that his food bowl is empty
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It is myself, husband and two kids. But for some strange reason my cat only chases me. I think because we have such a strong bond. He chases me partially up our stairs then stops. and I know he is laughing at me. Even if I walk by when he's sleeping he gets me.
I don't think it's lack of attention cause he gets enough. I think it is there way of saying hi and they love you. My act likes to sleep on me too, so it's not lack of attention.
gotta love them!!!
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Fergus does this, too. It makes me laugh, because at any time, when I am doing house work or talking on the phone, the cat will "count coup" on me. He loves to tap me with his paw and run away from me. I hope Fergus is always this playful.
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But instead of running away, they basically climb up my leg to stand on my shoulder- yeouch! My one polydactyl loves to grab my legs when I am out with the horses. I guess he feels safer in mom's arms than he does on the ground with those two big beasts! LOL
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