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How do you tell if a male has been neutered?

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I just brought in a black male that i'm sure is lost. I won't be able to get him to the vet until my husband gets back from his flight next week as i don't drive. He is well. He is not ill but i'm just wondering how to tell if he has been neutered? I have 3 other cats and although i am keeping them absolutely separated until i get him checked for felv and fiv etc i'm just wondering how i will be able to know if he has been neutered or not? all my females have been spayed. What sort of test will the vet conduct to find out if he has been neutered? He's not agressive, in fact he is a docile as a lamb, he has caught a glimpse of my cats through the fence and he has not hissed or been agressive he has just meowed a bit and sat where he is on the bed. {i've put a fence, sort of like a baby gate in front of his door so that i can get into his room without any of my ats getting in or him coming out} My cats seem very unafraid of him... i have in the past brought home and fostered kittens and they have been petrified of them and have not even gone up to the door of the room. I'm positive that he has gotten lost and that he used to belong to someone. He s very very cuddly and likes to sit on laps and have his tummy rubbed. And he's very placid. I brought him in and put him he guest room with a kitty litter, food and water and two cat trees so he can look out the window and he's been so quiet. not a peep... the last cat that we fostered used to meow the house down when we left her in the maids room at night... but she was definetly a feral cat taht we managed to tame and find a home for.

In dubai the procedure for strays is to dock the left ear if they are neutered but this is not so for house cats... i'm just wondering if perhaps he has been neutered but his owners did not ask for his ear to be docked. i really do wonder what his story is... a lot of families leaving dubai tend to dump their cats instead of taking them with them... and the whole indoor only thing is a very alien concept to a lot of people here... I still get these looks when i tell people that my cats are indoor only and that i walk them on a leash.

how do you test for a neutered male?
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Does he have two descended testicles? Is his urine very foul smelling? Is he spraying?

If he is crypterchid, they would have to neuter him abdominally anyway.

Please get your vet to confirm.
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both his testicles are visible. they do not look as firm and as rounded as one of the stray cats that lives in the garden though...
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The way a vet will check is to feel them, you should be able to feel 2 distinct round balls. As Nano said an un-nuetered male cat urine stinks, you wouldn't be able to miss it.
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Yes, what Petnurse2265 said. If you don't know what you are feeling for, the vet will be able to confirm. But based on what you are describing (or rather not describing), I'd bet $100 this cat has already been neutered.
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well i'm not gonna take that bet!
i'll let you know how it turns out but do you think that the urine will still smell that bad if i am using silica?
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Usually the whole cat smells, there is nothing like the smell of tom cat.
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Let us know how it goes and thanks for helping this cat!
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