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Of Home, Cats, And Work

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Yup, yet another update from me.

I just can't seem to stay still long enough to post.

Let's see, I am loving my work. The first two months had me in tears though as the furbabies were in boarding while we were frantically looking for a place to rent that allowed pets. We found one!

Which reminds me, I have to ring Tania one day and invite her over. I'll be arranging that in the near hectic future.

We have finally set a wedding date, 8th of October, 2005. And wedding plans are well underway. I'm excited and nervous about it all. Though I'm hoping these pre-wedding jitters dissipate on the day.

The dress has been picked. I'm wearing a traditional Chinese cheongsam. It's red with gold embroidery. And yes, I shall look not only stunning, but sexy too.

My graduation is in little over a week. I'm taking a week's holiday for it. The only thing I can't believe is that the leave still needs the OK from head office. But it should all be ok.

I have an online journal which I update often. Sorta makes me feel guilty by not posting here. It's just that I don't have the time to sit and help out those that need help which doesn't sound too good either. But it's what I like to do when I come by.

Online Journal

I hope everything is going well for everyone.

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Hi Mags! I miss you~ when you ring Tania pass on my best to her will you please?
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Will do. ^_^
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Hello Mags!
Congratulations on everything! Graduation, wedding, good job, cat friendly new home. Everything sounds terrific!
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Thank you! ^_^

I've never had it so good before.
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Originally Posted by a_loveless_gem
And yes, I shall look not only stunning, but sexy too.
Must... have... pics!
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How nice to see you! I'd really like to see your gorgeous wedding dress!
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yes yes! make sure you send loads of pics of your wedding!
by the way considering you must be an older tcs'er where in australia are you from???
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Promise that there will be pictures a plenty with the wedding. ^_^

I'm not that old a TCSer. I'm from Perth, Western Australia.
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Congratulations on starting the wedding plans! Sounds like everything is coming together nicely.
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I forgot to mention in all this that a friend and I started an alumni group for the volunteer program that we were involved in while at uni.

It's all informal at the moment but I'm about to start organising get-togethers and what not so the co-ordinator of the program doesn't have to do so much of it.

That's the plan anyway.
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