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Female feral

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I need some information about a female feral that I have been trying to catch for months she was part of the group I rescued a few months back,
At first I wasn't sure it was female untill it kept getting more fuller especially on the sides, I couldn't even tell with a flashlight, then when I went to feed one day she was not as fat, there was only one day that she did not show up to eat, When I saw her the next time I could defently tell it was a female because she was all wet and kind of gooy looking on her back end, so I figured she must have had babies, she would eat then take off, would she leave those babies within a day or two of having them? I have never had a cat that had kittens so I am not a real good guesser,
And now the last 3 days she is letting me all but pick her up, letting me scratch her all over and I was feeling her tummy tonight and I squeezed her nipples and there is no milk that came out at all, even if she had feed them before she came to eat wouldn't you be able to see some milk? wouldn't it fell stickey. We figured that she had them about 2 weeks ago, but ithat's when it was raining so much here in So Ca. I want to get her but I don't want to take her if she has babies there, she doesn't seem to be in a real big hurry to get back to wherever she's hanging out at either. Any help would be appericated anything that I can use to try and figure out if she had them and perhaps they died,any signs I can look for to tell, she's only about 8 mos old, she's the last one that I couldn't get,Sorry it's so long but this is the ONLY place I know to get the right help,,,Thanks
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Yes it is quite common for them to leave their kittens and go in search of food.

It is quite difficult for humans to extract milk from the nipples so this isn't a good way to judge, we just aren't built right to do this easily.

I would leave her alone, chances are her babies are out there. Start feeding her kitten chow and kitten glop because nursing takes a lot out of the momcat. Once you supply her regular food on scheduled times she will bring her kittens to you for food. She probably is pregnant right now, so just keep that in the back of your mind.
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Should I mix the glop with the kitten chow?
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No feed them separate- don't mix them up
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Her nipples will feel kind of damp if she's been nursing her kittens. Well, maybe not "damp" exactly, but like someone has been sucking on them. It's hard to describe, but there definitely is a difference that is easy to identify.

Either feed in daylight or bring a powerful flashlight and see where she comes from. This will give you a clue as to where she has her babies. Then you can take her and her babies indoors so she can finish raising them there. It is much better for the kittens to grow up indoors, where they are safe from predators and can be socialized with humans from a very early age.

When you get the kittens, put them in a carrier and put the front of the carrier up against the back of a trap (think of lining them up like train cars). Set the trap and cover the intersection between trap and carrier with a towel or blanket. Mama will go in after her babies and you'll have her trapped. You can reunite the family once they are safely indoors.
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If you go in search of her kittens you will freak her out and she will move them. The more you look, the farther away she will go. Your best bet is to trust that they have survived and wait for her to bring them to you. She will when they are old enough if you continue to provide her with food at specific times during the day and don't deviate on the schedule. Cats who have to survive outside are smart. if she knows you are looking for her kittens she won't go to them, and I learned the hard way that this can prove deadly to the babies waiting for mom to come back.
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Yes Hissy I think you are correct, she was part of that group of 11 that I got 10 of, but she was just scared to death of every trap, carrier and anything else, now she is coming back to the same spot where they all were every night for months I really don't think she forgot me, because now her whole attitude has changed, all I have to do is call her and she starts meowing, she's not hissing anymore or backing away, I can sit right next to her and pet her all over, she looks exactley like the little miniman I kept, she's just more pudgy, I am hoping that by building her confidence she will be even more trusting by the time the babies start coming out. Do you have any idea how old that might be or does it vary, this is a very busy shopping center parking lot, and I do think that they are very well adapted to everything in it, and one things for sure she knows for sure where I alway's fed all 11 of them. I made the glop and got the kitten chow, so hopefully it will be good for her, this has turned into almost 6 mos here but at least I got all the others. Thanks again Hissy, Your Great
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Oh and I should add that I am pretty sure where the kittens are also, fairley secluded and in a somewhat safe out of the way area
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They normally pick really good places to have their kittens. I've been amazed at just how good they are at finding these places.

If you think you can find the kittens, I say go for it. Using the babies to trap the mother might be your best chance, because you will have her maternal instincts on your side. It's easy enough for her to decide it's not worth taking a chance for some tuna, but her babies are a different story.

The kittens won't come out until around 6 weeks of age, sometimes not until 8-10. Be prepared to get them as soon as you see them and to do whatever it takes to get Mom as well. Kittens need to be brought in as early as possible to have the best chance of fully socializing with humans, and Mom will get mastitis if her kittens are taken and she isn't spayed right away.
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I am pretty sure I can get them when the time is right, I got the other 10 had 4 nuetered, 6 spayed,tested, all there shots, wormed and had a couple to the vet that were sick, working on them furever homes now, but its tough it's kitten season, so I am in it for the long haul, it's been the most emotional ordeal I have ever ventured into for sure and very taxing, but I already Love them all, I am keeping 2 and I already have 2, plus a female basset who thinks she's there mother. My husband built the enclouser and now he calls it a catio instead of a patio lol, bless him he's been very good, I know he thinks I'm a nut but then I am lol....
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You are not a nut- you are a Saint!!!
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Oh I just came back from feeding mommy cat , she LOVED that glop, gobbled up all of it, rubbed all over me and I petted her for about 10 minutes, then she started eating the food, she's looks nice and plump also, like she's in pretty good shape,, I swear I think she remembers me or at least I guess I like to think that, because the only person it matters to is me I guess lol, but I said before it's not about any kind of glory
Can you give the glop to the other cats as a treat, or would that be bad for them, I would bet they would like it
but I don't want them getting sick
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Originally Posted by hissy
No feed them separate- don't mix them up
Should I feed the kitten Glop everyday?
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