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long hair or short hair?

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I am trying to decide if my new kittens are long haired or short haired. All the kittens have between 1/4 to 1/2 inch hair at 2 weeks. With Samona being a Turkish Angora she has a strong gene for long hair. Although I do not know what daddy is how could I tell if they will be long or short haired or is it too early to tell?
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All Turkish Angora's are long haird. Unlike persians and most other long haired kitties, they however do not have an underlayer of fur (double coat), which is wonderful when it comes to grooming them, because their fur is very silky and does not matt as long as the kitty recieves the occassional brushing and combing. You mentioned that you do not know who the daddy is, and that could potentially play a role in the development of their coat. However the majority of the time when an angora does have kittens, reguardless of the dad, they are usually long haird. Only time will tell since you don't know about the daddy, but i'd be willing to bet your kittens will be medium to long haired.
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Sometimes kittens are born all fluffy and then they lose the fluff when they grow up. My moms cat came to us super young and she was all fluffy and long thick haired. Now she is medium haired and her fur is not thick at all. Just like the eyes, I think most kittens are born with bluish gray eyes and then their actual color develops later on. I don't know if that is in all cases, but many kittens I have seen were this way.
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Well the Kittens are 6 weeks old today.

Lightning 1st born is long haired pure white with black lightning bolt on back of head.

Boots 2nd born is long haired orange and white with white mask. (named after puss in boots on shrek) green eyes

Miraaju 3rd born is long haired pure white with black spot in shape of M on back of head (Miraaju is japanese for mirage)

Ghost 4th born is looking to be medium coarse haired pure white with touch of cream on head blue eyes

Darian 5th born is long haired dull orange and white with white mask. green eyes

All are males (rare) I know more and more Turkish Angora breeders are getting into the colors so I am not worried about the coloring so much. on eye color I am still unsure of Miraaju and Lightning's eyes if they might change colors.
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i am having a similar dilema with my kittens. in one litter the black and white boy is just like mommy, flat short coat, where as the tabby has a more woolly ruff like coat, hes got a kind of mane round his neck. the other litter are similar too, black and whites are short and sleek but the tabbys are all ruffled and tufty. the black one is kind of in between.
as i remember when the mommy cats were born they were just short haired no ruffles etc although my tabby has sightly thicker denser (sp) fur, be interesting to find a way of telling!!!
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