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Miracle Cat?

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I first heard this story last night on WABC Radio..I did a search and came up with this. Do you think it's true? The story on the radio provided more info. The cat named Cane, was about 13 pounds when he went missing and when discovered was down to a little over 3 lbs. He was brought to the vet, when they found him. The vet released him after ONLY an overnight stay, no liver or kidney damage..not sure about this... may be a new urban legend.

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If it is true thats one lucky cat but I can't see it happening.
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For better or worse, it is indeed true. Cane is one veeeerrrrry lucky kitty.

Found this link to the article on another pet site:


8 Lives Left
Cat survives 44 days locked in dresser
By CHRISTINE TOGNETTI ctognetti@kentuckynewera.com

Photo by Dana Long/KNE

Cane attempts to open a kitchen drawer last week in the Fife family home. Despite his traumatic experience, Cane still enjoys hiding in furniture.

After driving around her Hawaii neighborhood for days looking for the family cat named Cane, Maryanne Fife realized she'd probably never see her frightened feline again.

As her family packed their belongings and prepared to move from the islands to Crofton, Cane suddenly disappeared.

"When the movers came to get our stuff, they were making a lot of noise with the tape and the boxes and it scared Cane," she said. "He likes to hide in my dresser so I asked the movers if they saw a cat in there and they said no."

Maryanne's 8-year-old daughter, Kerianne, banged on the sides of the taped-up dresser to see if the cat was inside but she didn't hear anything. After their furniture was shipped and there were no black cats spotted wandering in the neighborhood, the Fife family gave up and left for Crofton on Dec. 15.

"It was the saddest day ever when we left Hawaii because everyone was on board except him," Maryanne said. "And he was family."

Devastated about losing Cane, who was Kerianne's favorite pet, Maryanne bought her daughter a new puppy when they arrived in Crofton.

And just as the family started to get on with their new life in Christian County, the movers arrived with their furniture on Jan. 27, 44 days after it left Hawaii.

Still contemplating whether the cat may have jumped in the dresser, Maryanne's husband Larry told her to leave while he went through their stuff.

"He didn't want me to be there in case Cane was dead inside," she said.

When Larry approached the dresser there was a foul odor. After preparing himself for the worst, Larry opened the drawer and starring straight back at him was Cane.

Completely shocked to see the cat alive, Larry picked Cane up, brought him inside to a bowl of water and called his wife.

"He told me and I just completely broke down," Maryanne said. "I was just so overwhelmed with joy. I was laughing and crying and jumping up and down. It was just so unbelievable."

Weighing less than 3 pounds and extremely dehydrated, the Fifes took Cane to Skyline Animal Clinic where he was checked for internal injuries and pumped full of fluids for two days.

Veterinarian Dr. Pat Dougherty, who has examined Cane during follow-up appointments, said he's heard of cats going without food and water that long, but he's never seen it firsthand.

"He was absolutely skin and bones," he said.

When Cane left the clinic and finally came home, he was reunited with his other four-legged friends in the Fife household: Chaunsey, the silky terrier, and an orange cat named Seikichi.

"When Kichi saw him, she just went ‘meeoww" and then started licking and pawing him," Maryanne said. "She was so happy."

Only weeks later, Cane is at a healthy weight and running around their home hiding in drawers as usual. Maryanne says there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't feel guilty about his 41 days in darkness.

"Almost every time I walk by him I say I'm sorry," she said. "It's just so unbelievable what he had to go through. And it's a miracle he's alive."

Christine Tognetti can be reached by telephone at 887-3239 or by e-mail at ctognetti@kentuckynewera.com.
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Well, the vet admits he heard of cats surviving that long, so maybe it is possible...
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I'm very glad Cane made it, but I feel so sorry for him. The humans must feel terrible that they thought about the dresser, even banged on it, but didn't take the tape off and look.

My Oliver will not make a sound when I'm looking for him. Many times I've opened the closet door and there he is just sitting there waiting for me.
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Thank GOD Cane has been found and is now returning to health . I know that family must be ecstatic right now!!!
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OMG! I hate to admit this, but it happened to me before. But not of this magnitude!

My roommate in college has this cat named Daisy, a really sweet tuxedo who always slept with me. One day she went missing and we were looking all over for her and she didnt return the next day.

I opened my drawer and out she came. OMG I was shocked - but the first thing I did was fed and watered her. I had to admit that to my roommate what happened but all was well, it wasn't as long as that poor cat!
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