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I'll help sfell and share what went wrong on my wedding day?

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I moved from Southern California to Alaska to marry my honey- and it will be 15 years soon. We got married in Feb, and it was really cold. Our well froze so I had to go down the street to a house with city water and take my shower. We went to the church to set up the reception hall and they had these huge folding walls that were on wheels. While we were rolling them across the floor, the accordion walls opened and I caught my ring finger inside and it closed on it causing a bad sprain. My husband was late to the ceremony by 35 minutes because a gravel truck had overturned on the Glenn Hwy and he was stuck in the traffic. But he finally arrived and we did get married, I just couldn't put my ring on. At the reception, one of the wedding cakes ended smashed against a wall because of a slippery floor! Then after the reception, his kids had decorated the truck with shaving cream and we took off and stopped under a bridge to scrape off the Just Married and stuff before it froze, but it had already froze and we had to keep it on there for days!

Anyone else want to share their wedding fiasco stories?
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Well, my wedding planning was going great until I got sick with a Liver Disorder and ended up in the hospital the week of my wedding. I was extremely ill, and was in the hospital for days. My hubby-to-be and I decided that we would have the priest come to the hospital to marry us if we had to I ended up getting out of the hospital 3 days before the wedding.When I tried on my dress that had been fitted a million times to get it just right, I found that I'd lost about 10 lbs and since it was off-the-shoulder, it kept slipping down. I was still so weak I was unable to help with any of the preparations and had to have a chair by me at the front of the church, in case I got dizzy and had to sit down. Hubby and I had a Unity candle, and when I bent over to blow my single candle out, my veil nearly caught on fire. Then I accidently put hubby's ring on the wrong hand (I found this out after the ceremony) We had the guests go to the Reception Hall while we got some photos taken in a scenic area not far from the church, and by the time we got back, the guests had already eaten and were waiting for us to cut the wedding cake. We quickly scarfed down our food to accomadate them. We were so rushed we didn't get a chance to eat any of our own cake! Thank goodness the honeymoon went well
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Let's see . . .

My first problem was getting pregnant between the time we got engaged and the wedding itself. We had to reschedule so all the planning got moved ahead 4 months and I was so tired from being preg. The dress was a problem because of my growing belly, too.

The second problem was $$$. It was about $10K for an average wedding around here, so we began checking out other places. We ended up in Tahoe, which was less than half the price including airfare. It's also near his family, but none of my family came. They did give me a nice party when we returned, but I still missed them. Several of my friends made it from Boston though. They had a week in CA before the wedding, but almost didn't make it due to snow in the mountains and the rental car of course did not have the required chains. They were actually the last car to get through before the road was closed!

The minister (really a minister, not a J.P., though I am RC and would have preferred a priest, but we were too rushed to do the counselling so that didn't happen) was late that day. He actually got held up coming to our ceremony because he was doing wedding planning with another couple over the phone. Finally he arrived and everyone left me in the prep room to have a minute by myself, and of course THAT is when I burst into tears. I missed my family, I missed my parents (they both died in 1984), I was pregnant and hormonal and stressed and it just overwhelmed me. So I was walking down the aisle a little sniffly and hubby was upset by that. The minister's lateness was causing a problem with the catering afterwards - the restaurant needed us to be there by a certain time or we'd lose the reservation - and he was trying to protect me by dealing with it himself. So he thought someone had told me what was going on and I was crying about that.

After the ceremony, the limo didn't show up, so we walked to the reception. At least Tahoe is relatively small and we could do that! But it was still cold and snowy and the hem of the dress was wrecked. My sister-in-law brought her chihuahua with her, all dressed up in a little tuxedo. Mom-in-law kept telling me the dog was her first grandchild (remember, I was pregnant with the first grandchild) and she insisted that the photographer take photos of herself and s-i-l with the dog! But none of them with me . . . We managed to get ourselves out of town, but our guests got stuck another night in the weather. Plus, I had quit working when we moved in together because his house was 40 miles from my job, and nobody wanted to hire me, I showed early and all. So after the sedding expenses and with all the baby stuff we needed, we didn't get a honeymoon.

And you know, I still think it was all worth it.

Advice: Keep your expectations low. The point is to get married, not have the social event of the century. As long as you remember that everything else is window dressing, you'll be okay.
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The "scariest" thing about my wedding day is: I'm 53 and it ain't (and probably won't) happened yet. . . . :bat :bat :bat Oh, well; there's always chocolate. . . .
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Oh...the scariest thing at my wedding was that I said "I do."

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Darlene...yes, there's chocolate, but more importantly, there's US!

(now move over and pass the Almond Rocha, you're hogging the WonderBed!) :laughing2:
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Listening to all of your stories.

I think I will elope!! Is there any other way to do it to avoid all the fiascos?
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Cleo, You got that right! Hissy may have the house decorated, but if you remember; I have had Christmas lights on The Wonder Bed since July !

*-*-*-* _V_ _V_ *-*-*-*-* *-*-*-*-*-*-* *-*-*-*-*
Champagne, Chocolate, and turn up the Christmas Carols, Cleo
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At the time, my divorced parents weren't exactly on friendly terms. I made sure I told everyone in advance so that problems could be avoided. Think that happened?

The hotel put them in ajoining rooms.

The DJ had them dancing together.

The photographer had them posing for pictures together.

What a nightmare! My dad was a good sport, as always, but my mother was not at all pleased.
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My actual wedding day went alright, it was the previous week that fell apart. At the rehearsal, we thought that my dress had been damamged, but it turned out that it was the pouffy crinoline slip that was ripped. And Greg had a giggling fit throughout the whole practice run, couldn't get any words out--we wondered what would happen during the ceremony. Oh, and my mom had an emotional crisis 7 days before the ceremony and threatened to commit suicide--she didn't--she took a long drive instead--but those hours when we couldn't find her and didn't know what happened were beyond horrible. I was so upset that she did this and wouldn't tell me what was wrong (she got angry when I asked because it was "none of my business"), that I refused to speak to her and banned her from the wedding. Greg got me to make up with her, but we were still on shaky ground on my wedding day.
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Gees I guess my wedding was pretty dull!! It all went great!! It was raining really bad in the morning but the wedding wasn't till 3.00 so by that time it was really bright and sunny and warm......
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Sure there's an easier way. And since it fits right in with all of these horror stories, I'll go ahead and tell you about it!

I was going through a rebellious point in my life and dating the type of guy that proved I wasn't in my right mind. I knew I didn't want to be with him long term, in fact, I really didn't like him that much myself. I will never be able to figure out what in God's name I was thinking at that point, but I agreed to marry him. I think the actual plan was to get out of the relationship before that point, but I was so messed up, there's no telling.

So, the 'big day' was rapidly approaching, and we went down to the courthouse to pick up a marriage license. That's when they told us that in the State of Colorado we didn't need anyone to perform the service. We could just sign the license right then and there and POOF!!! We would be married. Why I didn't say no I will never understand....

Here's another interesting little fact about marriage in the State of Colorado... it might take all of 5 seconds to get married, but it takes a minimum of 3 months to get the divorce that usually follows!!!

So.... if there's a next time, I'm going to be damn sure I don't sign anything without full clarity of the situation!!!!
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Thanks Hissy, yours and everyone else's seems so tame to what I've gone through so far but the big day isn't here yet so who knows

I spend the majority of my time on the cat site while I'm at work. I'm a receptionist so I tend to get plent of opportunites to be on the site. Since I was out sick yesterday I didn't get to see this thread Hissy started. I was running a fever, my nose was stopped up, and I had so much sinus pressue I felt like my head was about to explode. I'm back at work today, I'm still stuffed up with some sinus pressure and lots of drainage. Everyone here at work tells me I should go ahead and go to the doctor so I can hurry up and get better. The wedding is not until Saturday the 24th so I'm pretty sure I'll be better by then without having to go to the doctor.

Tuesday night I had my fiance meet me at the new alteration place with my dress (it's in a colored bag so he can't see it) after work. He waited in his truck while I was taking care of things inside. Turns out that my dress was short from being butchered by the first guy and was going to need a lot of doctoring up. I knew it was going to need help I just didn't know how much since I'm not a professional. You wouldn't believe how many times I heard "oh no" from the ladies in the shop when they would come and look at the work the first guy did. As they were handling the hems they guy did they started falling apart and I lost it. After they were done "examing the patient" they told me it was going to be over $300.

I went out to my fiance crying telling him the bad news and he was so wonderful. I told him I didn't know what I was going to do to pay for this, I only had $100, and I know that these ladies weren't trying to pull one over on me because they completely explained the reasons behind everything they needed to do. He said it didn't matter the cost and he would make sure it got taken care of. He came in with me and I paid the $100 and he paid for the rest. I thought he was going to be upsest about the cost but he just hugged me and said everything was going to be okay. He's so wonderful!!! Sorry to go on and on, just needed to share!
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Awww...I'm so happy you're fiance is such a great guy. Just look at it this way, that's all behind you now and things will be just fine.

Look at the rainbow hon, your dress is getting repaired and I'm sure your cold will be gone by then. Try not to get so stressed out. Your body needs to relax in order to get well.

Your wedding will be as beautiful as your name; I'm sure of it.

Love & Hugs,
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Thanks Catarina, you're so sweet! It really makes a difference to hear that. Since my family isn't here, they're in Oklahoma, the planning has been on the shoulders of my fiance and I. It's been very frustrating and difficult, but very rewarding because it has shown us how we can work through something as difficult as planning a wedding together.

When you're beautiful orange babby comes home tomorrow give him a kiss for me. Everytime I see a picture you post of him I just want to reach through the screen and cuddle him!
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I also have my story to tell. My wedding day happened on October 21, 1995. It was a snowy day. My dress was handmade and after many altertaions, it fit well, except for the slip and the hoop that went under it. It was too lose and kept falling. My friend combed my hair and did my make up. I arrived at the church on time and so did my former husband. My friends gave me a bridal shower the night before and I went to bed at two in the morning. I had to get up at six since the ceremony was at eleven. During the ceremony, it was hard for me to keep my eyes open for being up so late. The photographers and the people that carried camcorders actually took pictures of me falling asleep!!!! One time I almost fell.
Then there was the reception. Those of you who never tended a Mexican wedding, it can be rowdy especially when there is alot of beer. Many people who were not invitied came. Mexican weddings have the reputation of if there is alot of beer, the men get drunk and start fighting. The first part of the reception, we had dinner. Then there was the dancing. Then the tossing of the boquet and the garland. We also have a tradition were the guests form a circle around the newlyweds and the couple start to dance the waltz. If a man(parent, relative, or friend) wanted to dance with me, he would pin a dollar bill or bigger on any part of my dress and would dance with me. Same thing with my husband. He would dance with all the females. We raised up to $250 doing that. Everything was fine until the end of the reception. My husband's brother in law got very drunk and started fighting with his wife and my husband's older sister. So we had to end it. The cake was eaten by everyone except us. We didn't go to the honeymoon right away. My husband helped his family and friends clean up everything. I couldn't because I was in my wedding dress. After the clean-up, we went to his parents' house were the family members talked about the incident with my husband's brother in law. We didn't start for our honeymoon trip to Las Vegas until 2 in the morning. Half way there, we had to stop and sleep in a motel.
We only had a two day stay in LV because both of us had to return to work.
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Like Jen & Spawn I went through a part of my life where I made rediculous and self-damaging choices when it came to men. I decided to marry a biiiig looser and like Jen, I think I knew it was a mistake, but did it anyway.

But...I think someone up above tried his/her darndest to let me know what a huge mistake I was making.

At the time I lived in Texas. There was a horrible drought and it had not rained in around 4 months (really...I'm not exaggerating). We had an outdoor wedding planned and since it never rained and there was no rain in the forecast, we did not have a back up place for the ceremony.

Well.....early the morning of the wedding it began to rain. It rained harder than I had seen it rain in many years. The roads flooded, trees fell, it was amazing. I should have paid attention to this unmistakable sign and called off the whole thing. But, instead, we got married in the recreation room at the apartment complex...among pinball machines and pool tables.

I stuck it out for two years before realizing that I needed to stop being an idiot!

Fifteen years later I married a wonderful man in a very small ceremony. We just had our 6th aniversary and hope for many more in the future. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
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Sabra :angel2:

For me, positive thinking is a great way to ward off the stress. I try not to feed into it, but it's not always that easy. :laughing2

It is a big deal to plan a wedding. I did it and like you said, although it's very stressful, it's so rewarding. Just hang in there, give yourself a nice bubble bath :bubbly: or curl up with a nice book. Ahhhhhhh....I'm just getting so relaxed thinking about it! :LOL:

Oh, and by the way, thanks for saying that about my Opie he is pretty scrumptious looking isn't he!!! :laughing2

Keep us posted sweetie!

Love & Hugs,
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I got married in early Sept. We had the tail end of a hurricane go thru. One of my best friends spent the whole reception crying in the bathroom because her boyfriend was an SOB. No matter all the trial & tribs, John & I enjoyed it. We decided before the wedding that we had done everything we could & nothing we can do would change anything that would happen. I had people coming to me for months saying the have never seen such a relaxed & happy bride. You do what you can beforehand & enjoy the ride. If you are in love then nothing else really matters!
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What a sweetheart you've got there! A lot of guys would be thinking "It's only a dress, who cares if it's not exactly perfect?" But your guy just took one look at how upset you were and knew that it didn't matter how much it cost, he wanted to do whatever it took to make you happy. And that's a great guy, because he understood what you were feeling and empathized. Of course, I like to think that's why you're marrying him!

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Thanks Sunlion!

He is pretty wonderful, even though he isn't a cat!
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I did the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. The man I really wanted went in the Navy and "left" me so I decided I would show him. I found the person he hated the most and married him. As if that weren't bad enough, the 1st guy called during the reception at my parents house. I couldn't even bring myself to tell him I had just married the one person he most couldn't stand. I got so upset, I sneaked out of my reception, dress, flowers and all, went to a bar and drank shots of Southern Comfort until I passed out face down in my bouquet! I got home from my Saturday wedding about Tuesday. Needless to say, that one didn't last long. He only married me to have a place to live, so it was no great loss to either of us. Believe it or not, this story actually has a happy ending. I have spent the past 16 years happily unmarried to the 1st guy. And I learned a hard lesson about spite!
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Wow! That story's better than "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Julia Roberts and what's his face...
Whew! You must've been an emotional wreck...poor thing. Well, I hope someone resuced you witha a big hug to start off with!

Love & Best Wishes,
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I met my (ex) husband in a bar in Hartford. I had been engaged to another man who had a violent temper. I broke it off and began seeing Peter. We went to this bar every single weekend and I thought I was in love. At the age of 19, you think you know everything. So, we decided that we'd live together. My father, being VERY conservative, said "No daughter of mine is going to live in sin." What did I do? I married him. I only knew him for 7 months. My mom passed away the year before and my Dad was seeing a blonde bimbo who later turned into my stepmonster. Six months after he made that remark, my father moved in with HIS girlfriend. But that is another story entirely.

Anyway, Peter had dated one of the bar maids at the bar for a while (a real ho). We planned the wedding which would be very small (only his parents who wore black to the wedding, my father, who, unbeknownst to me, invited his bimbo and her 8 year old daughter, and the attendants). My mom's side of the family threw me a bridal shower at which time my mother-in-law got totally drunk (she's dead now, but at the time she was a real alcoholic) and insulted my aunts.

I arrived at the church on time only to be asked by the priest "What are you doing here??" Puzzled, I told him I was getting married. He proceeded to tell me that I had called the day before and cancelled the wedding. Turns out, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" it was his old girlfriend that called claiming to be me, cancelling the wedding. Things went okay from then on, except for one MINOR detail. The rest of my family was furious that they were not invited. When it came time to show them the wedding pictures, I had to take out all the pictures that showed my father with his bimbo girlfriend or I'd never hear the end of it. To this day my family still doesn't know that "Babs" was there.

My dress was cheap ($35 back in 1974), we had no wedding cake or honeymoon. I was divorced 4 years and a daughter later. Never looked back.

If had to do it over again, I would've waited till I was 30 to get married.

Sfell, I wish you alot of love and happiness. Your fiance' sounds like a true gem.


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Gee Donna! Your experience sounds like something out of a soap opera!
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That it was!
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Donna, well that sure confirms Love is Blind!:laughing2

Jeeeeeez! What a mess. I hope things are much calmer in your life now!

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Absolutely. The only man I let walk all over me and get away with it is a cat.
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:laughing2::LOL::laughing2::LOL::laughing2 Good point! :LOL: Such are the most simple things in life...joy, joy, joy!

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heard from Sfell?

has she gotten married yet?
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