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Help, introducing cat to new parrots

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Hi, I just recently got married and today I moved my 2 parrots into my husbands exsisting house. We have a 1yr old Devon Rex, Enzo and he doesn't seem very happy about the new additions. We are short on space right now and Enzo is use to having his own room but now he has 2 new roomates. I was worried about him being too curious about them, but it is actually the opposite. I tried to bring him close (about 2 feet) to the cages and he started hissing and growling and trying to get away. He watches them but would rather not even be in his room. I guess this is normal and will take some time for them to adjust? Any suggestions on how to make it easier on everyone?
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Hi! I have 4 cats and 11 parrots ('tis why my name is Talon!). What kind are your parrot guys? I have: Budgie, pacific parrolet, peach faced lovebird, sun conure, grey cheek parakeet, mexican red headed amazon, double yellow headed amazon, umbrella cockatoo, congo african grey, timneh african grey and a blue and gold macaw.... hold, let me count.... um, yep that is it.

My cats have a healthy respect for the big guys, and a curious about the smaller guys, and occasionaly want to go "play" with the little ones - but the little ones have their big brother - the Umbrella cockatoo - with an ungodly loud screech.... usully gets the cats to move on.

I wouldn't push the kitty too much, he will come around and visit with his new sibilings - and sometimes in my house it is the other way around.... nothing funnier than a cat being chased by a bird. Tell me more, I i'd be happy to help share my experiences in living with the fids!
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I have a citron crested cockatoo and a timneh grey - like you. I think Enzo is just intemidated by the birds talking and noises. I am sure he will come around. Just wondering if I should keep them separated when I am not home.
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I think it would depend on how he reacts around them - your cockatoo can hold is own. My cats won't go near any cage with a bird the amazon's size or larger - I do beleive they are afraid of coming up with a foot missing. Are your birds in cages while you are away?

The grey is different, it depends on his/her personality. My greys grew up around the cats, so aren't bothered. If one of the cats comes near the one - she will even start yelling "NO!". As you said, the cats are very confused about this talking bird thing!

I know you were hoping for a hard fast answer, but it depends. You may want to keep them seperated for a few weeks while you are way - just until you are assured that their interaction is harmless.
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Don't force Enzo into a situation that he clearly is not comfortable in. It sounds like he is okay to tolerate the parrots being there but clearly does not want to interact with them.

I would keep the parrots and Enzo separated initially while either you or your husband are unable to monitor the situation.

And slowly introduce the two but let Enzo and the parrots dictate the situation.

If they are okay being in the same room ignoring each other, then let it be. Don't force them closer, let them decide when and how they want to approach each other, if at all.
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Things seem to be better today. Enzo has, on his own, gone into the room where the parrots are. He still gets a little nervous when they get loud, but I think over time things will be fine. Thanks for all the help.
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It's really nice to know that you can have cats and birds. We really want a budgie, but I wasn't sure if that would be ok with two cats. Do you keep the cage on a stand so that the cat can't jump up to it, or is it better to leave the cage at a level where the cat can interact with the bird (while caged of course)?
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My budgie is in a seperate room, the cage is a cage that is on a cage stand, so the cats would have to reach up to get them. Do they try? Yep, can't trust them for a sec with the smaller birds. I've even found Andy laying on the lovebird cage (next to the budgie cage) and staring at the budgie. The cats all know they aren't supposed to go in there, but they do anyway from time to time. My point about the other room is that it has a door that we close at night and at times when either the small birds are jumpy or the cats are being stupid.

All in all, you still need to watch them.
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Thanks for the advice. We have a spare bedroom that we could put the cage in at night, so that should work.
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