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Happy Birthday Dawn!

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Dawn, Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

:icecream: :icecream:

Hope you get to spend some one on one time with hubby and do something nice for yourself today
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Hope it is the best!
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Have a wonderful day! Hope something good happens for you!

:laughing2 :LOL: :flash: :baloon: :laughing2 :LOL: :flash: :baloon: :laughing2 :LOL: :flash: :baloon: :laughing2 :LOL: :flash: :laughing2 :baloon: :LOL: :flash: :laughing2 :LOL: :baloon:
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Happy Birthday Dawn!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

:icecream: :clown: :rainbow: :girly1: :daisy: :flower: :baloon: :baloon: :baloon: :LOL:
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:flower: :flower: here's looking at you kid happy birthday girl
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Awwww, guys, thanks! You're the first to wish me a happy birthday. You just made my morning!

No big plans for the day. I'm going to go to my Wed morning Bible study, and then just hang out with the kids. Tonight Amy has AWANA up at church, so she won't be home, and my husband has choir, so he won't be home. It'll just be me and the boy (Adam). Maybe I'll take him to Burger King or something. It's going to be a pretty low-key birthday.

But you all sure made me feel good! Thanks!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWN We share the same birthday
hope your day is lovely
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Dawn; Happy Birthday to You !

You "deserve" a GREAT DAY ! Maybe your Husband will surprise you. . . . Unless he is like most men; who don't realize how special birthdays are (until YOU forget THEIRS)

Hope you have a chance to do something NICE for yourself today!
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OH MY GOD, Aristocat; I didn't realize until my post came up and I re-read it (and yours). . . . . Have a Great Birthday, Too!! :pinky::pinky:
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Happy Birthday Dawn


Have a great day!!!

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If you go to Burger King, make sure to wear the cardboard birthday crown!
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Feliz Cumpleanos Dawn! I hope your birthday was better than mine. I didn't get a cake! But I will make up for it later. :blossom: :girlie: :eye&mouth :icecream: :jarswim: :flash: :laughing: :afrorainb :blubturq: :baloon: :rainbow: :lips: :mimouse: :flower: :flower: :girly2: :bubbly:

Same to you Aristocat!!!!
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Happy Birthday Dawn and Aristocat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get every wish you wish for, and then some!!!!
I hope you both truley have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!

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Belated, but I do hope you had the best birthdays ever!!!!

Love & Hugs,
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Aww don,t worry threeleggedKat,thank you very much for the birthday wishes

I hope you had a nice day Dawn,we share our birthday with Prince Charles, well thats all I have in common with royalty lol
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