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Fact or Fiction?

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I heard that when momma has babies there will always be more boys than girls? Is that true... I really think that I have 3 girls and 2 boys.. I want to post pic of thier bottoms for a second opinion.
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Let's see them!
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Ok you asked for it!!!!!!!!! give me a minute LOL
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You may want to check out this !
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Well I took pics of the kittens butts, but they didnt turn out so swell. Is it safe to say that boys have a "bump" and girls are more flat on thier bottoms?
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That is a ficticious statement. When I first started breeding Traditional Siamese, our litters did tend to run boy-heavy. However, the last year or so, we have been mainly having litters like 3f/1m, 4f/1m, 4f. But then we did have the one litter of 6 males and 2 females in there too!

So, if you think you have more girls than boys, there's nothing wrong with that. Just love them and enjoy your time with them!

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