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Can I ask you to cross your fingers for me please?

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Maybe you'll have noticed I've not been around for a little while - and maybe that's my ego talking! - but I've been sick with yet another throat infection. It's really knocked me sideways this time so my energy levels are... well, at about ground level, actually. I took myself off to the docs the other week so that I could get the penecillin prescribed to get rid of it (Usually I can walk in like it was a bar and say "same again, please"). The doc reviewed my notes and has spotted a "pattern" in my health records, so he's going to do blood tests on Tuesday (hopefully my infection will have gone by then) to check my liver, kidney and thyroid functions. Apparently though, the front-runner as a root cause of all my symptoms is M.E - so I just have to wait on the results of the tests and see what he says. It would explain all my throat infections, headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, achy limbs, depression and the extreme sensitivity to prozac, and why I get so tired, so quickly. I'm absolutely terrified

So, miss.... can I stay off P.E. today? I've got a sick-note!
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aww isnt M.E very bad? :fingerscrossed!:
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M.E.? Is that a typo? Wow, Emma, I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly, and am sending vibes that your doctor is just being an alarmist, and that it will turn out not to be anything serious.
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M.E. - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis... Nope, it's not a typo I've been reading a little bit about it and it can be stress induced... it seems to be connected with post-viral trauma, trauma, long periods of untreated stress. From what I can gather it's when a part of your immune system packs up. It can either last for a time period of roughly 3-6 years, or be a permanent thing. It doesn't show up in blood tests, although Canadian/American doctors seem to have found something connected with the blood flow in the brain stem, something that seems to be unique to M.E. At the moment, there is no cure. It's a really unclear kind of disease that's not really very well understood so it's been dressed up with a more accessible name - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It's just the same thing from what I can tell... and frankly, M.E. is easier to remember than C.F.S. At the moment it's still only a possibility, so I'm staying positive. I'll save worrying for the time between getting the tests done and getting the results. Once I know what I'm up against, I'll be able to come up with a sort of battle plan Just now I'm thinking of my energy like a kind of cake. I've only got so much cake to last me all day, so I have to ration it and not pig out right at the start. So I have to be careful how far I walk - so that I can get back home again, and I've to do it slowly too. It's a pain, but it seems to be working just now. I think a huge part of my problem at the moment is this infection. Once that's gone I'll see how it is.
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Emma, tons of good vibes headed your way from me! Hang in there and hopefully the doctor can finally figure out what's wrong and do something for you!
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Emma, I'm so sorry to hear this. Lots of good vibes going your way!
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Emma, wishing you well, hope that you are feeling better soon .
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Emma, lots of "be healthy" vibes coming your way. I hope the tests give you answers that you can deal with effectively, and find wellness again. Thinking of you.
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Emma, sending lots of positive energy to you for fighting the infection, and for being strong for the test results. Like you said, once you know what's going on you can get a battle plan.
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Emma, it's most certainly not your ego. Of course I noticed! I was just wondering where you were the other day. Sending stong healthy super healthy vibes your way!!!!!!
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Emma heaps of healling vibes heading your way hope the tests go well let us know how it goes till then
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We certainly have missed you lately, Emma, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. M.E. is such a difficult illness with which to live. I pray this is not your diagnosis and you soon return to perfect health.
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While not familiar with M.E. I have heard of CFS. It will be good to finally get a diagnoses of what going on. Take care in the meantime.
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Good luck with the tests. I hope all goes well in the mean time. Good vibes to you and if you ever need to talk, let me know.
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feel better soon
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Crossing my fingers that you'll be feeling better soon! Sammy and Lola are too!
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Oh...Emma, I'm so sorry to hear about this.
Darius and me wish you good luck with the tests.
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I will pray for you and cross my fingers. I am a Christian and believe in the power of prayer.
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Dear Emma,
I'm sorry to hear about this possible diagnosis. I hope you feel better soon. I'll be praying for you.
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My best wishes dear Emma... feel better soon!
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oh my god I want to wish you all the best and easy, quick recovery (treatment). good luck
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You guys are the best, you know that? I'm off to see the phlebotomist (silly posh words) in a little while so that he can stick a load of pins in me to draw blood. I hate getting blood taken because it usually leaves me bruised where they have to keep trying to find a vein. Still, I live in hope that this man can find one straight off ah, to be cursed with veins that know when to hide! can't say I'm looking forward to it, but when I saw the doctor the other day he said I wouldn't have to wait too long for results to come back - thankfully it'll only be a couple of days and not a whole two weeks as it is in some practises around here.

Oh by the way, when I read this thread this morning I noticed there are more and more signatures that have piccies of really beautiful pussycats.... perhaps I should have one made of all my little wooden ornaments for the time-being! Aren't we lucky to have fuzzy friends like these?
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Yes, we certainly are fortunate, Emma! I hope your appt goes very well this morning and that your Phlebotomist get a vein on the first stick! How wonderful that your test results will be in so quickly!We'll be right here waiting with you! Please let us know how this morning goes!
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Emma, I'm sorry to hear that you are poorly! I had Glandular Fever when I was younger and what you describe sounds pretty similar. It sucks, doesn't it?!

I hope your tests go well and you find out what is wrong! Hopefully it's not M.E. or Glandular Fever or anything!

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heeheehee well they've already ruled out glandular fever - I'm prone to throat infections (which is now nearly gone thanks to the wonders of penecillin) - it's the underlying root cause of that and all my other symptoms they want to discover and address. So I had blood taken this morning - for once I had a nurse who used a vein she could see properly, instead of fishing for one in a place their textbooks would want them to - so they got blood on the first attempt. I've still bruised, but I don't feel like a pincushion this time! And yeah Sarah, you're right, it does suck. I've been sucking soup through a straw for days! I had my first solid meal today because I could swallow again! Yay! It also meant I could sneak a piece of chocolate easter egg, which made everything better
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