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Quick Question - Easter Grass

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Okay, for now it's not an issue as the easter baskets are so full you can't even see the grass...

But when I was setting the baskets up, there was Cosmo, curious as ever, poking his nose into the grass and trying to pull strands out. I gently told him "no" and distracted him to something else, but that got me wondering...

Is Easter basket grass harmful to kitties??

Anyone know?
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I received an email from a friend, who told me to pass this on to other cat owners:

Easter Grass has sharp edges and if it does get into the intestine will shred it to pieces, and your animal can bleed to death. It was decided to do an exploratory on Flash. That operation saved his life as a small mass of grass had just passed thru the stomach into the duodenum before going into the small intestine where most likely it would have cut the lining.
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Not harmful as in poison, but it can be very dangerous! If ingested, it can get stuck in the intestines, which would likely require costly surgery to remove. If a foreign body does get stuck in the GI tract and is not removed, it can be fatal. I don't want to sound harsh, but it's best to keep them away from things like this (esp if the grass is the plastic kind). I know I sounds like a hypocrite because my boys are always sticking their little faces where they don't belong , but I do always tell them "no" and distract them when I see they're upto no good. They particularly like to go after any flowers that my boyfriend gives me....hahaha....so I have to make sure that he buys flowers that are not poisonous to cats! My suggestion, when you're opening Easter baskets try to keep kitty away and throw the grass out as soon as possible after the baskets been opened. Have a happy and safe Easter.
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Thanks Cloud and Julya...

You know, after you shared your info I went and did a quick search on Google and the general concensus is to keep Easter Grass away from cat! I'm going to go put my neice and nephew's baskets away in the laundry room where Cosmo can't get them, and I'm just going to throw away the grass that's in my own kid's baskets. Not worth it to take the chance.
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I remember when I was little my mom would use the Easter grass and as soon as I opened it she'd throw just the grass out so my cats couldn't get to it. It's funny how cats are so interested in it though.
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Yeah, I never thought it was dangerous before, so I'm not sure what made me think of it tonight.... maybe because I read about ribbons being dangerous and easter grass is just like cut-up ribbons. LOL, I supposed I could have used all the shreadings from my paper shreader (hey, finally a use for that stuff!), but my kids are old enough that they won't miss the easter grass anyway.
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I told my daughter that easter grass is not even allowed in house because of the cats, she loves the animals as much as I do so she understood.
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Easter grass is like Christmas tree tinsel...dangerous!
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A quick reminder that it is always good to keep your baskets away from kitty: most easter candy contains chocolate which is toxic to them. So even if your basket is grass free it still poses some harm to your baby! (although i have found that the plastic easter egg halves make great toys!)
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