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Princess looks like she might have her first health problem..

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I was holding Princess, when I realized that there was some sort of wet sustance under her tail. It was yellowish. It might have been pus, or pee.

I went to clean it up about 10 minutes later, and it was gone, but there was a lucky smell, and a small amost of red around her anal opening.

What is going on?

I changed the litter box, cleaned up Princess, and put her in feline bedrest for now.
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Anal glands, maybe?

(I am presuming she is spayed - if she's not, there are several additional possibilities.)
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Anal glands???

Yes, she is spayed.
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Yes, sounds like anal glands. Anal glands are small sacs on each side of the anus. They contain a very foul smelling substance usually of an oily consistancy (color can vary slightly...usually a light brownish, yellowy color). When you have anal glands on your hands, you will know! There is nothing that smells quite like it! In theory, the anal glands are supposed express when the cat/dog defecates. In reality, anal glands often become clogged. Sometimes, if the fluid is too thick, the anal glands can become inpacted and eventually become abcessed or infected. When anal glands become abcessed and infected, they can rupture. It doesn't sound like this has happened to your kitty though. My suspicion is that her anal glands are a little thicker and are not expressing when she defecates. You should take her to the vet and have them check her anal glands. In the meantime, you should try to apply warm compresses to her rear end area...but definately have the vet make sure that's what it is and that they are not infected. Good luck.
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Is there something that can be done to prevent this from happening? What makes it happen? What causes it to be too think and back up and then get clogged?
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Thanks guys! I'm a little scared. I'll talk to mom and dad about it. I will keep an eye on Princess. Today, they signs were not there...Hmmm..
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Does anyone know how to expree the anal glands. My 8 yr old cat had a problem 2 months ago, took him to the vets and that is what he did. It happened so fast I didn't watch. $100.00 later. 2 months later it's happened again. Hate to go to the vets if I can do it myself. Thanks Darcy
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Guinness has has blocked anal glands 3 times in the year and a 1/2 since I have had him. The first 2 times he was taken to the vet straight away and given antibiotic injections.

I know when they are causing him problems because the poor little boy keeps on licking that area until it is red raw. The vet did say that some owners manage to squeeze the fluid out but I won't be doing that until it is totally needed.

The vet said that this can be caused by the cat being nervous (which in Guin's case is true)... or just something that happens....
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