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Can u get get nappies for kittens?? my cant go toilet for itself got brain damage but she got quailty off life. or any other ideas???? she 6 weeks old.
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I know they make diapers for dogs. They also sell absorbant pads that fit inside. You might be able to get one for your cat. I'm not sure whether they have small enough ones, but you could get one now and use it as a model to make your own.
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I searched on line and found http://www.pseudomart.com/catchit/ They have 1-5lbs size. Hopefully it works. It is great that you are not giving up on that kitty and hopefully these will work.
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Once she gets bigger you can probably use the smallest size of human diapers available. (Premie or extra-premie, or something close to that.) I knew a woman who used them while toilet training baby rabbits, and they fit them perfectly.
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They do make diapers for dogs, which could be used on cats.

Another possibility, if your cat is ambulatory, is to use puppy housebreaking pads instead of a litterbox. This way, she doesn't have to climb.

Does your cat have cerebellar hypoplasia, by any chance?
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i think its cerebellar hypoplasia, vets not sure yet
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I have a cerebellar hypoplasia kitty, too. Roger will be 2 this summer and he is the love of my life. They are such special kitties. He's not as severely affected as yours seems to be, in that he can walk and can use the litterbox just fine, but we also had some litterbox issues when he was a baby.

Here's a good website: http://www.chkittyclub.com/pages/home.html

There is also an associated Yahoo listserv, which you can join by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Even if your cat turns out not to have CH, it sounds like her challenges are similar to those faced by CH kitties so you could definitely learn a lot from the folks in this group.
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