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The magic catnip plant.....

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I bought a little catnip plant from the market last week, and when I got home, I repotted it and put it on the floor near Villy's bowls. She sniffed it, and rubbed her face on it, and looked really happy!
This plant has grown so so fast! It has trebled in size over the past week! It's huge already! Is this normal or has Villy been willing it to grow?!
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It's not surprising it grew so fast, considering catnip is a member of the mint family. As I remember, we had mint plants in my backyard and the grew, well, like weeds

Here's some interesting information about the mint family:

I never knew lavender and patchouli were related to mint
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I was watching something on Animal Planet where there was a zoo that gave either the lions or the tigers pieces of cardboard soaked in lavender oil, because to them, lavender is their "catnip".
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Ah ha! So it's a weed?!

Many members of the mint family, introduced in early times from
Europe or from Asia, have escaped and become weeds or wildflowers.
One of these is the familiar Catnip or Catmint which has such a
fascination for all members of the cat family. A cat will rub its face
against the leaves of a catnip plant, or roll and play with a ball of it,
loudly purring all the while; and a tiger or a leopard in a zoo will do the
same. Children used to drink catnip tea in spring as a "blood purifier"
and a strong solution of it, used as a wash, was supposed to help cure a
rash of ivy poisoning.
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I'm just surprised that she didn't chow down. there was one time that I tried catgrass and the dang cats knocked over the pot and destroyed every single thought of a plant overnight. I'd love to be able to get them something that they can enjoy but lasts a bit longer then overnight.
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Sure am glad Villy is enjoying her catnip so much, Jessy!
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oo i love plants!
i want a whole balcony full!
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