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Bringing us things

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Hi folks, we're new to these forums because we have a question about a behavior that recently surfaced in our 2.5 year old female cat.

She has started bringing us things like socks and bras . She gets them from the clothes basket and meows pretty loudly and as we look down, she has the item in her mouth and places it at our feet and lays down with a giant purr.

Any ideas on what is bringing this about?

She was a stray cat when we found her...she delivered 6 kitten about 1 1/2 years ago but hasn't exhibited this type of behavior before. We keep her indoors.
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It sounds as if she is just using her natural hunting skills. Cats who live outdoors often bring thier kill to the door to show how very good at hunting they are. I would guess since she has no prey to go after, she has found the next best thing
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That's what we were thinking.

The only thing that threw us for a loop was that she all of a sudden started doing this.
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Maybe she was watching cat tv and got the idea!!!

As you can see - I am no help here - just wanted to say hi and welcome to TCS. Go the the lounge and introduce yourself to the rest of the cattery!
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Mine like to tote the same things around--socks and bras--and they also take gloves and earmuffs. Maybe they choose those things because they're lighter and smaller (easier to carry) than shirts or other things in the laundry or the closet.

Do your cats give the things to you as gifts, or do they hide them? Alex hides them from me, but Nell shows me her "trophies".
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I have to agree with Sandie on this I think it is her natural hunting instincts, she also seems to be taking care of you guys by bringing you these gifts, My Mishka will bring me any mice he gets and drops them at my feet, he is sharing with me and I love him for it.
Enjoy being spoilt
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My Bella is a great little huntress who has been an indoor cat all her life (almost 1.5yrs). She brings me her furry mice to play fetch with(sometimes I think she is a dog),keys, socks and pretty much any toy she wants to play with. At night when I am in bed she brings me a stuffed spider monkey that is twice as long as her. I guess it is a gift-her nightly kill..haha. I praise her every time she displays this form of affection-so she does it all the time.
I do think your cat is just doing what she thinks is natural. Also she may be picking these items because thay have you scent. I bet she plays with them while you are at work. I find Bella shoving her head into my shoes when I get home from work(yuck).
cats can be wierd but thats why we lovethem so much
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