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Cat herpes

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Can't my cats ever have normal diseases? I took Tigger to the vet today b/c he's been sneezing w/o discharge, and his eyes have been watery, he's drooling every once in a while too.My vet seems to think he might have contracted herpes or chlamidia from another cat at the shelter last year.( he was only there for 6 days).She also seems to think that my other three do not have it since they have showed no symtoms.Is it possible for them to get it? Of course right? His medicine wont be in until Tuesday because its new on the market.Can anyone give me some insight to this?
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one of the best webpages about cat herpes

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Thanks Hissy I knew you'd come through!
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Herpes is a "normal" thing - it's the virus that causes most feline upper respiratory infections.

I would recommend getting some L-lysine tablets at your local natural food/supplement store and crushing 1 pill per day in his food. L-lysine is an amino acid that interferes with the replication of the herpes virus if it's taken in large enough quantities. If he has herpes, it will help him. If he doesn't, it won't hurt him.
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My cat Princess also has herpes. She was diagnosed when she was about 6 months old but she's doing great now. The first 18 months of her life were tough but she is doing great now. She will be 10 in May. I just wanted to let you know that it is possible for your kitty to live a normal happy life. You would never know Princess had it unless I told you. Stress causes her to have problems so as long as she gets her way everything is fine. When she does get sick she gets REALLY sick and I usually over react to even the slightest sign of her getting sick. Even with all her health issues I would not trade her for the world.
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My youngest has herpes or chlamydia (vet is'nt sure which at this point). He does'nt have nasal discharge or sneezing but his left eye is constantly swollen and runny to the point that it causes a bacterial infection on his face. He was on clavamox and l-lysine for a while but recently my vet had me try him on zithromax, increased the l-lysine supplement and terramycin ointment for his eye. It clears up on and off. My other cats do not seem to be affected.
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Just to update everyone there is a new product on the market called Enisyl-F its a llysine supplement that contains 250mg of llysine per ml its a paste that I put on Tiggers paw for him to lick off he's doing pretty well on it so far. Its not expensive either.
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Thanks for the helpful link, Hissy. Here's a link to foods high in Lysine.

My Garfield has Herpes. He gets so congested sometimes, it is just pitiful. I try to give him L-Lysine, but depending on what I mix it in, sometimes he won't eat it! That's where the list of foods with it naturally occuring helps! I also use chapstick on his nose to keep it cleaner. Then it wipes off easier!
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