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New Blue Point Siamese Kitten!

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Here is the newest edition to my family!!!

Her name is Elle, she's 8 weeks old!! She's going to be a great little sister to her big brother Simon!!

How adorable is she??
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Oh my goodness what a cutie! Congrats on the new addition - can't wait to see more pictures!
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oh Elle is beautiful - she's going to grow into a fine lady I can see.
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She is so cute. I just adore her.
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Bijou and Mika want to say a special hello! She is lovely!
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AWWWWWWWW! SHe is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!
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What a SWEETHEART! I wish I had a kitten in the house again...
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Awwww... she's so precious! Look at those eyes!
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How adorable!! I want...I want!!

Congratulations on your newest addition!
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Very cute
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Oh my, she is adorable!! What does her big brother think?

I would pst pix of my baby Qwan Yin or Yin Yin but it reads "You are unable tp post attachments" Soooo... I'll post them elsewhere and submit the url whrn I have time.
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awww what a beautiful sister that handsome boy is going to have! Belly rubs to both from my 3
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What a beauty! She's going to break alot of hearts!!
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Wow, she's very beautiful!
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'Ello my leetle blue passion flower *blink blink of ice blue eyes* I am Tonka, my blueberry blossom. A big 'andsome Blue Point Siameeze boy wif more love than a steaming locomotive and able to leap from zee counter to zee floor in a single bound. *Siamese toothy grin* Allow me to velcome you to our leetle vorld here at zee Cat Site.

My MaMa is a long time lover of zee Siameeze and thinks, as I do, leetle bloooobell, that you are quite zee stunner and hottie. OK, MaMa does not think you are zee hottie, zat would be me. *snort* Enjoy your visits here, ma bella blu chat ... I vill look for zee more pictures from you soon. *blink blink of ice blue eyes with Siameeeeze toothy grin*

(Excuse my Tonka, please. He is my stud boy and his mind dwells in places where others fear to tread I'm afraid. Welcome to the site and let us see pics of this little beauty as often as you can!)
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How adorable is she??
The answer to that is, VERY adorable.
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Aww, thank you to everyone for the lovely messages! We really appreciate them

As for the question about Simon, well.. he hasn't warmed up to her yet. BUT...we've been following the stages for introducing them, so he's parked by the door that separates the two. He's very curious, I guess we'll see how that goes.. I am sure they will be friends in no time.

Here is Simon after he saw the kiten being brought into the house.. and here is another pic of Elle!

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Elle soooo pretty little girl!
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She is one beautiful kitten!
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Oh!! Conner looked just like her except he was all fluff, but color is exact!!
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Aww...what a beauty! I'm sure she'll fit in nicely in no time at all! I'm sure she and Simon will be friends.

The larger question is what does Elle think of Gaye's Tonka?
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I am in love with her!
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=Orange]AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw i want one
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wow.. LOVE the blue eyes, just gorgeous!
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such a cutie - she'll be gorgeous when she grows up!
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