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Eviecat and Molly in the Garden

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Hello Everyone,

We let Eviecat out for the visit time since moving to our new house yesterday and managed to capture some photo's for you all to see. We also let our very little kitty out for the first time ever as the vet said even though she is very small for her age she is ok to be let outside now. So We took lots of pictures and I have spent hours uploading them to photobucket. So i do hope you like them. I took so many so I will choose a few to put up here but if you want to see more I'll tell you how too at the bottom of the page.

Eviecat and Mollys first adventure in our Garden

And here are some of Mollys first time in the Garden

And some photo's of Eviecat exploring her new garden

There we go, I hope you enjoyed them because Eviecat and Molly had a lovely day outside and I am sure they have some tails to tell of there adventure.

If you would like to see some more you can check out these links:

Lots of love and cuddles

Eva, Eviecat and Molly xxx
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aww they are cute!
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Explorer kitties! I bet they liked the fresh outdoors! Gee, I wish we would have grass like that here, but it's still too bloody cold!
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What a big day, Eva! Your babies are so beautiful, and what perfect little models they are! Their Photobucket pictures are all fantastic, too!Thank you, Eva!

This is my favorite of Eviecat!

This is so beautiful of Molly!
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Thank you everyone I am glad you liked the photo's!

Stephanie, The one of Eviecat that is your favourite is also mine and funnly enough I wanted to put that one of Molly up but couldn't figure out how to turn it!

Love and hugs,

Eva, Eviecat and Molly xxx
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Eva, those pictures are great! Your girls are beautiful as always And the grass in your yard is so lush and green- I'm jealous! Want to hear more about your new place!
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What a great day for the both of them. The weather looked purrfect.
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They both look to be enjoying thier outing! Beautiful furrys!
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Looks like they had fun, looks like it was a beautiful day too. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful Kitties!
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great photos , looks like a lovley garden with lots of things for cats to enjoy.YOur cats are beautiful.
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OMG! Beautiful babies and wonderful photos! wow!
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There are really sweet,, I wish I had and enclosed garden for Conner,, he's love it. That's it, Im coming over! --Dont worry, he's neutered!
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Aww, they look like they really enjoyed themselves! Your garden is lovely!
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I am glad you enjoyed them, they throughly enjoyed themselves and have been out every day since. The sun is shinning and they are loving it

Eva, Eviecat and Molly x
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How lovely!
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cute babies/
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so beautiful - i love black cats, & Molly's markings are so unusual!
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your black and white is really beautiful, in fact, your black is great too, they seem to really go together I also love the pink tag
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I love the pics of your little explorers! what fun they must've had. I wished I lived in a place where is was safe enough to let my girls out to play.

I also think the resemble between Eviecat and Ebony are amazing.
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