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Another thank you to Rigel and Gema!

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Just like Susie, i received a suprise this morning from Rigel and Gema!.

A while back Rigel asked us which colours we prefered?, and unknown to us this is why he asked.

I also received a bookmark like Susie's with their anniversary on the back and the colour i picked(yellow)stitched down the sides

I also received a fridge magnet with a picture of the archeological Mayan ruins of Yucatan

Rigel wrote me a lovely card with it from both him and Gema and i am so touched by it all

Rigel from the bottom of my heart i thank you both so much, and i couldn't agree more with the wording in the card which read:

" i hemos logrado una gran amistad! " which translated means " No matter the differences, we made a great friendship! "

Once again thank you both!
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How nice! You'll have to post pics!!
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I havent got a digicam
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aww rigel!!
wheres my pressie !

You and your wife are sooo cute!!!!
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Awww what a lovely thought Looks like you've made a good friend there!
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Susan, how lovely! Of course, I imagine you guessed it with Rigel with the Mayan Ruins and all. BTW, I've wanted to tell you that I LOVE your sig pic of Rosie.
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How lovely!!!! They are truly wonderful for sending that to you!
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Oh Susan, that is wonderful!
Rigel, you and Gema (I am guessing that is your esposa?) are the sweetest! Such a very kind gesture from across the ocean
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That's so thoughtful! There are some really, really nice people here! No wonder so many of us are TCS addicts, with members like Rigel.
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I'll second that!!
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A toast to Rigel and Gema! Wonderful people!
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Lovely gifts, Rigel and Gema are great friends.
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Oh dear Friends..... C´mon, You make me feel totally blushed...
You welcome Susan And thank you for this thread, you don´t should made it!
Thank you to all of you for your kind words, you really are too good people, that´s why I´m proud to say "I belong to TCS!"

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