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Please welcome Ginger and Rebecca

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After being a lurker for, oh 3 or 4 months, I am finally introducing myself and my little fuzzy butt Ginger. I am 22 and just graduated college. Anyway - on to how I got Gingercat. When I graduated college in May 2004, I KNEW that I would want a pet to keep me company because I was living totally on my own in a 1 bedroom apartment. I originally wanted a dog, but decided that a cat would be a better companion in an apartment without a yard. In Memphis, there is a wonderful cat shelter called the House of Mews, which is where I went to get my kitty cat. The House of Mews is a no-kill shelter with a network of foster homes that takes care of all kitties, including sick ones. They preach neutering and no declawing. I was going to declaw her in the front, but then I read all these horrible things about it! I had no idea it was so invasive! Poor kitties. Anyway, I had decided I was going to choose a grown-up cat because I wanted to know the personality rather than being totally in the dark with a kitten. Ginger was the first cat I came in contact with. She was standing right near the door being petted by a 3 or 4 year old girl and her mother. And she was super cute! She was playful and bouncy too. So, I looked around at the other cats, but Ginger was the one I ultimately wanted and I brought her home. She hid, of course, but I was afraid she didn't like me and that I had picked the wrong cat. Even now, she is doing more adorable and loving things with me. I love my kitty.
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aw! What a sweet story! it's nice to meet you! I hope you post pictures of your Ginger soon!!!
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you to TCS, Ginger and Rebecca! So glad you've introduced yourselves and look forward to getting to know you both better! Ginger is such a sweet baby, you must bring eachother such love and joy! Good for you for making the right decision regarding her claws! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and Welcome! I can't wait to see pictures.
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hi Rebecca --

Thanks for that sweet story about you and Ginger. I'm sure she'll be the wonderful roommate you want and deserve. I'm glad you made that decision about her claws -- it wasn't until I came to the cat site that I realized how awful that operation really is.

Hoping to hear a lot about your adventures with Ginger -- and don't forget to post some pictures on the furbabies forum.
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Welcome Rebecca!
Can't wait to see photos of Ginger!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Ginger sounds like a sweetie!!

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welcome! My three send Ginger belly rubs!
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And now there's one lovely picture in my signature. ;-) She's certainly a sweetie and a bunch of laughs. Quite the acrobat too.
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HI! and welcome to thecatsite!!!
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hi and welcome im so happy you decided to chose to get Ginger from a shelter
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Welcome to you and beautiful ginger.
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aweee, that's great! i'd love to see pictures, and again, glad to see you turn away from being a lurker and become a full-fledged member!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello-Welcome to TCS!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do....I can not wait to see pictures of Ginger...She sounds so gorgeous!

Pat and Megan

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