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Bella Roma is close

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It should be kittens any day now!!!
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Easter kitties, please!!! They won't mind being named after bunnies
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what a sweetie!
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yay!!! I'm so excited!!! I'm guessing 5 kittens...
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awww poor momma looks so tired of it all!
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How exciting!!

I predict 4 kittens.... 2 boys and 2 girls.... and all fabulously adorable!
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She's a beautiful cat! She looks so much like our Chaos in her markings!
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Easter babies!!! awww!
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She's looking pooped for sure, or just resting up for the big event, good luck mommy
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Bless her heart! Cannot wait to hear about the kits once they arrive- I am sure she will be a wonderful mommy!!!
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She's pretty, I think she's having 4.
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did she have 'em yet!?!?!? I'm so excited!
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No, she is even bigger if possible. We can fill 5 lumps and maybe 6.
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aw!!! Precious! I can't wait to see the little babies!!! I pray that they are all healthy and delivery is quick and smooth!
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Thank you! Poor Bella looks very ready to have it done!
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Still no babies???
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