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Cat not eating

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I have a one year old cat who got into a fight with another stray cat and has not been eating since then.. he has wounded himself but it's nothing serious. I took him to the vet who gave him an anti-biotic and said he will be fine but he still hasn't started eating and it's been 3 days.. he only drinks water not even milk! he did try to eat his regular food but he just took a taste and stopped... any advice? i am force feeding him glucose mixed with water by using a dropper. Anything else i should do or will he be ok?

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A cat not eating is a distressing sight, do you think you can get your cat to another vet for check up? He might be hypoglycemic if not eating enough, rub Karo syrup on his gums to boost his sugar level. He might have gotten something from the fight, might be an internal problem. He definitely needs a check from another vet.
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I knew I'd find it. Here's the article I private messaged you about.

Please read it. It's quite serious. I would call your vet again.
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Oh geez, sounds like a serious condition! I hope you can get your cat to the vet asap!!!
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I'm not saying your kitty has this. I just mean not eating is serious and I want you to be aware of what can happen. I'm not familiar with your country so I don't know what will be available in your area. I hope your kitty eats soon.
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Thanks for the article, it says a cat may stop eating if it is fighting an infection after a fight. That seems to be the case with my cat. Any suggestions on what I can do next?
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This is very serious! It is extremely dangerous for a kitty to go this long without eating. This is the advice of one of our experts.

Warm the canned cat food in the microwave several seconds to wake up the flavor.
Give the cat a small pinch of catnip (an appetite stimulant) before feeding.
Sprinkle grated cheese over the food. Dot the food with cream cheese.
Check the cat's nostrils for crusty discharge. Cats won't eat what they can't smell.
Acidophilus capsules- break one open, wet your little finger, dip your finger in the powder, and rub your wet finger on your cat's gum.
Give them forced fluids (either subcutaneous or syringed liquid (Pedialyte) an hour before meals.
Ask your vet for Cyproheptadine, which is an antihistamine, and an appetite stimulant. This needs to be given when you are home to offer the food, because when it kicks in, it works! The cat wants food, and she wants it now!

If your cat stops eating for 48 hours, don't gamble with her life that she will start up again. With early veterinary intervention, the prognosis for recovery against this disease can be increased. Being aware of the dangers of having a cat with a poor or no appetite, acting promptly to stop any internal damage from occurring and getting effective treatment will enhance your cat's odds of survival against this deadly disease.

Please contact your Vet immediately. Please do keep us updated.
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Thanks all for the advice.. i took him to the vet who gave her another antibiotic.. i also got Cyproheptadine and have given him some.. he did eat a little now (very little though) one more thing whenever he eats something he starts snapping in air as if he is trying to chew something... even though he doesnt have anything in his mouth.. any idea why he is doing that?
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It could be a sign of distress, or stress. Has the vet looked down this cat's throat to be sure there are no foreign objects there? When he eats, as he chews does he growl?
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I think you should take the article on liver disease seriously, when a cat doesn't eat for a few days, or eats less than normal, (which happened to my cat, along with an infection) liver disease can result. My cat was diagnosed with liver disease, after a liver panel was done. After IV fluilds, 2 weeks of antibiotics and 3.5 days in the hospital, her elevated enzyme level went down to almost normal after a few weeks.

I'm not saying this is what your cat has or will have, but maybe you could print the article and show it to your vet. I'm glad to hear that your cat is at least eating alittle, I hope he eats more soon. But I have no idea why your cat is snapping in air.

The Cyproheptadine should work, my cat also did not eat immediately, but with the appetite stimulant she did eat, greatly helping her liver enzymes to go down. I think your cat will be eating more soon, I hope so. Hope he's all better soon.

Jill and Candy
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I don't know anything about your cat's medical condition but my Princess is anorexic and i'm constantly fighting her to eat. One thing her vet said to make the food more apealing to her was to warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds. I was also given a prescription cat food (canned) that is made with more nutrients than regular food so she doesn't have to eat as much to get everything she needs. As a last resort I was told to feed Princess meat baby food. If you do feed baby food you have to becareful which kind you get because some have things like garlic poweder or onion that can be toxic to cats.

I don't know what options you have available but I was just saying what works for Princess. If your kitty still isn't eating well you might want to ask you vet for some suggestions of different foods or tips to make yor kitty's current food more appealing.

I hope your kitty feel better really soon.
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Thanks all for your advice and concern.. he has started eating now and is feeling a lot better... looks like Cyproheptadine did the trick... I will post some pics in a few days
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Is your cat neutered? If he's not, you need to take care of that ASAP, otherwise he will keep getting in more fights.
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I am sorry I missed received great advice, and I am delighted to read he is doing a bit better.
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I'm so happy to hear your kitty is eating again! I've been waiting for your post as I was worried about him. I cannot wait to see pictures!!!
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How scary! My guys are so fat I'm be scared out of my mind if they weren't eating!

I'd call the vet back up right away. This must be really frustrating for you. ((((VIBES))))
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