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New Mum and kittens

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my cat gave birth yesterday. 3 kittens all healthy and feeding well. However I'm not sure if the mothers behaviour is ok. She's not got out of the bed to eat or go to the toilet (tray). I fed her by putting the bowl up to her mouth and she ate a lot. Now it's been about 30hrs since the birth and she's breathing heavily. She isn't panting but her tummy is rising and falling fast. Is this normal? She's licking the kittens and seems to be attentive.
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are you sure that there isnt another kitten to come?

I can not give you much advise unfortunatly but someone with more experience will be able to help you as soon as they come online
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She's probably exhausted. To help mamacat, start feeding her kitten food and "babying" her as much as possible. She is going to need all the energy she can muster for the next several weeks.

As for any mystery ailments, nothing short of death would prompt me to separate a mamacat from her newborn kittens. It is not like you can make a trip to the vet, so you have to "ride it out" even if something were wrong. But 30 hours after delivery, I would bet my money on simple exhaustion.

Where is the new tribe located? Are they in a closet or something?
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Yeah shes in a closet, it's a big space so theres room for her tray next to her and her food bowls. She won't even venture out for food I gotta hold it up to her. Hopefully exhaustion is all it is. I was just thinking foods going in but there aint anything coming out! lol
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I'm definately not a pregnant cat expert...but since it's really early here and you may not have an answer on this board for a bit..you may want to give your vet a call just to be on the safe side.

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if shes a first time mother she might be a bit nervous to leave her babies to eat or go toilet.

ring a vet if your unsure as like with humans, there are some health risks and risk of infection with birth. they will tell you whether or not to be worried plus usually and advice they give over the phone is free.
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The kittens will double in weight during the first week and remember that mamacat is their only source of food or nutrition.

Are the kittens feeding on her normally?
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Don't dismiss the fact she may be in labor again. Not that she is, but I have heard of this happening, and 24 hours after the owner thought the mom was done, she had one more large kitten. I am moving you to our one forum where Gaye our knowledgeable one can answer
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Yes she's probably having more kittens. It is not unusual for cats to go 24 hous or so in between births. I would call the vet if she doesnt haveanother kitten within a few more hours since it's already been 30 hours.
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My guess is a combination of exhaustion and possibly temperature ... it gets warm in a kitten box! I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of another kitten but due to the fact that is has been over 30 hours, I highly doubt it. Have you checked her temperature? Does she seem hot to you? Can you take her temperature rectally? It needs to be in the 101 to 103 degrees range. If it is higher, then she may be fighting a little infection somewhere ... does she have any unusual discharge other than a little blood? If so, what color is it?

If she hasn't eaten under her own steam, used her litter normally or in some other way given you the idea she is moving about on her own very soon, then a visit to the vet (at least a call) is in order.
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