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A Horrible Thing

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I went to the Vet's office today to pick up my little kitten, and saw the sadest thing. Someone was in with a teeny Doberman puppy. She bought it from the Feed Store who in turn bought the litter of pups from a puppy mill. I was unaware this was going on in my area, which is a really small town where everyone knows everyone. Anyways, this poor pup was so loaded with worms she was very ill. She has chronic diarrhea because apparently the guy that runs the Mill feeds the dogs food the grocery stores throw away, such as bad yogurt, cheese, and rotten meat. This pup had its tail docked by the Mill guy, with a knife he just chopped the puppies tails off and left them to heal. No stitches or anything. The pups tail stump was raw and infected (you could see the white of the bone) and she walked with her body hunched up because it caused her so much pain. Thankfully she has a great owner now who is willingly to get her the proper care. I want to see this puppy mill shut down, and the guy fined. I know his name, so I'm calling the SPCA tomorrow to investigate him. I've talked to people who have seen the deplorable conditions the guy keeps the pups in, and I'm sure when the SPCA people see it, they'll do something to help the poor dears. Wish me luck, and any advice you may have on how to go about this porperly would be appreciated.
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for all the Dobie owners/fans. I have seen Dobies in their natural state...long tail and "hound dog" ears. Why are they routinely mutilated? for style? I just don't understand how so-called "dog lovers" can perpetuate this practice?? Anybody care to explain?
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Good luck. We have a couple of people that run puppy mills in Connecticut that we have tried to shut down. One of them unfortunately has "connections" in her town so she's never been formally charged. It's very sad too. The conditions are deplorable and the dogs and cats are the ones who suffer. All so these a$$holes can make a quick buck. Makes me sick!

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Thats revolting Melissa!
Poor little dogs, how could anyone have so little regard for an animal?

I hope this guy is stopped from continuing this torture. What type of care were the pups given at the feed store?

I hope you are successful, and God Bless you for trying!
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The level of cruelty humans are capable of inflicting on living things is just sickening. Good luck in bringing the jerk down and saving animals.

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This is absolutely disgusting!!! How can people be so cruel?!!! This REALLY makes me MAD!!! As for the docking of tails....grrrrrr Don't do it!! the tail is an extention of the spine!! I really hope you get this scum bag Melissa, and I know Im far away but if you need any help let me know!!!
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Well, I did it! I called the Provincial SPCA Investigation Agency. They took all the info I had, as well as a few names of people who know even more about it than I do, as well as the name of the SOB who runs the puppy mill. The woman was horrified when i told her what was going on there. I hope they shut this guys operation down. I think hes already on file with them as he had some horses confiscated for being abused and malnourished. I also spoke to the owner of the Feed store who buys pups from him and told them the situation. She said she would discuss it with her partners and they would try to buy their puppies from elsewhere. At least I got the ball rolling with this, and at least I am not too afraid of ruffling feathers to report idiots like the mill guy.
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It takes one motivated person to begin righting wrongs, and in this case that's you, Melissa! What you're doing is great! Raise awareness of others and you will prevail.

A call to any sort of local media wouldn't necessarily hurt, either...let anyone else who operates like this know that people are paying attention and taking action.

Once again, thanks and kudos to you!

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Good for you Melissa!!! I hope they get this guy!!
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Thanks for the support and kind words
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Melissa, Way to go, Girl! I wish there were some way to put an end to all these Puppy Mills. My state, MO. is, unfortunately; one of the leading offenders. . . . It seems like every few months another Horrible story makes the news. KittyFoot, I agree with you. Dobermans in their natural state are beautiful dogs. I guess somewhre along the line breeders decided they needed to give their dogs "distinctive characteristics"; so the poor little puppies have to suffer.
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The doberman's have their tails and ears docked because it was back in nobleman and women time when the dogs were used to guard treasure. The jewels of these royalty were draped around the dog's necks while the coach was out for a spin and the loyal dog ran by it's side. The thinking was back then that to cut off the tail and the ears would make it harder for the highwaymen to grab the dogs and rob the royalty of the treasures. That is where that practice has evolved from and it is still followed today in the dog world. Oh, and the ears were docked also to stop them from flopping down into the food and water which sometimes caused horrible bacterial infections in the ear canals.
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Hissy..I appreciate the info...BUT my question stands. Why do Kennel Clubs,show associations,breeders associations,etc,etc still perpetuate this practice? I would think they would be horrified by mutilating animals for STYLE. A bit of a double standard,no?? No wonder so many Dobies are a bit nuts.
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I read an article on tail docking that stated that dogs whose tails are docked are hyper breeds, that, when their tails aren't docked, end up with more problems such as ulcerations on the tail that come from hitting their tails against things.

We had a boxer pup for a few months this spring whose tail was docked way too short so I went looking for info. I thought it was a cruel practice, but I can understand after reading the article.

As for the ears, well I don't like the look of cropped ears on dogs, and I don't see any reason for it. I can understand, though, if the dogs were getting infections in their ears. But when a dog has it's ears cropped to stand up, they have to be taped up daily til they heal, and it just seems like a huge pain in the arse. I like floppy ears!
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I found this here:

Why Are Dog's Tails Docked?

1. To avoid tail damage
A number of working gundog breeds have to hunt game through heavy vegetation and thick brambles, where their fast tail action can easily lead to torn and bleeding tails which are painful and extremely difficult to treat. Docking the end of the tail eliminates the risk of injury.

Working terriers are docked for the same reason. In addition, terriers which are bred to hunt below ground for purposes such as fox control, have their tails docked to a length which is more practical when working in a confined space.

Other non-working breeds which have an enthusiastic tail action, are also liable to damage their tails, even in the home.

Since docking was banned in Sweden in 1989, there has been a massive increase in tail injuries amongst previously docked breeds. Within the 50 undocked Pointer litters registered in that year with the Swedish Kennel Club, 38% of dogs suffered tail injury before they were 18 months old and in 1991, the number of individuals with tail injures had increased to 51% of the group.

2. For reasons of hygiene
Long haired, thick coated breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier and Old English Sheepdog are docked to avoid the hair around the base of the tail becoming fouled by faeces. Even with constant grooming and washing, such fouling is unpleasant. If allowed to get out of hand, it can lead to severe problems of hygiene, or even flystrike and subsequent infestation by maggots.

Hygiene problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether by docking.

3. To maintain breed standards
Breeds which have been docked over many generations have been selected for specific qualities of build and conformation, but not for tail length, shape or carriage.

If left undocked, it is unlikely that the best dogs would carry good tails. In seeking to maintain the quality of the breeds, breeders would therefore be left with a diminished number of suitable sires and dams. The genetic pool would be reduced, greatly increasing the risk of hereditary diseases taking hold. Some breeds could even disappear for ever.


There are photos under "Damage Evidence"
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Not sure if I buy all that. Dogs are supposed to have tails, thats why they're born with them! Of all the dogs I've ever known, tails intact, I've never heard of tail injury from thumping it against things or running around in the bushes. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me , its very inhumane and unnecessary.
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Melissa, I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!
And way to go on reporting this horrible puppy mill!!!

I have a German shepherd, and from the time it was a puppy, everyone kept telling me to go have it's "duke" claw cut off....(that extra claw they have) and I refused. I see no reason for it. That's the way nature made them, so there must be a reason.
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I agree too Melissa, that seems a little weird to me....what about all the other "hyper" or "working" dogs that don't have their tails docked like Collies for example, they are renowned for being "hyper" and farm dogs...also Red setters and Retrievers, St Bernards and German Shepards etc ....Bernese mountain dogs were used to pull carts.....I think it is a needless cruelty really....no offence meant to anyone, its just my own opinion.

Just wanted to add - since when have Yorkshire Terriers had long thick fur?!!!! ha ha ha ha...sorry but that really tickled me!!!
Also, just a question....if the reason the tails are docked is either for: working dogs, hygiene, or hyper dogs...why does the Rottie have it docked? I don't think they are working dogs (though I could be wrong) I've never heard of a hyper one, and they don't have long thick fur which their poop would get stuck in....so?
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Oh, one more thing. Tails are docked to keep the fur at the base of the tail from being fouled by feces. Ummm...just because the tail is shorter, doesn't mean the fur in 'that area' suddenly disappears. I don't see where the tail being docked has any bearing on that whatsoever.
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Melilssa - first of all, I am PROUD of you for stepping up to the palte and doing the right thing. It is not always esy.
I had a doberman who has long ears and a long tail. She was the most stylish and sleek dog I have ever seen. And,her ears were soooooo soft! Onyx lived to be 17.
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I couldn't agree more! The mill sounds as deplorable as docking and declawing!

This stuff makes me If you need letters or petitions, I can help ya start one. Just a suggestion.

Love & Hugs,
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Any new information on action against this mill?

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Thanks for asking I haven't heard any news lately. The last i heard they were talking to the people who's names I gave them. Those people have actually been to the Mill, whereas I haven't. I'm hoping to speak to one of these people soon, and I may be able to find out what happened. I'll let you know if I hear any more news. Again, thanks for your concern
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Thank god there are people like you out there who not afraid to "tell"!!!!!!! Those puppies are sure lucky to have you on their side!!!! You're their Knight in shining armor......
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I've reported lots of people to the SPCA. I just can't stand to see an animal abused. I lived in an apartment once where a lady kept a Rottweiler on her deck (about 6ft by 6 ft) all the time. She never walked it and if it dared to bark , she'd smack it a good one. Well, one day it was barking because some kids were teasing it (I happened to be out on my deck, which faces hers)and she came out and smashed the dog over the head with a baseball bat! I ran inside and called the SPCA and they were there to get the dog within an hour. That woman hated me with a passion after that, it was obvious who had called as she saw me run inside after the incident. I refuse to sit by with my mouth shut when I see this kind of stuff. I'm very passionate in my love and concern for animals and in circumstances like that one, it ends up making me some human enemies. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I've never been afraid of ruffling feathers when an animals welfare is at stake.
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Good for you Melissa!! I would do the same thing... it really is sick how peopl can be so calous and cruel......I mean...dogs bark....duh, they're DOGS!!!
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Melissa sei fantastica!!! GRANDE!!

...that's my way to express my appreciation for what you do. And i hope you always find people listening to what you have to say and doing something for the animals concerned.

And I agree, dogs are born with a tail, it's true that sometimes they stump it against table legs or furniture, anyway nobody can say that then it's right to cut it off! Should I cut my cats' legs because they may break one jumping up and down?!?
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Ya know, I stubbed my toe yesterday on the bedframe...maybe I should cut it off?
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Melissa!! WHAAHOOOO!

Good for you! I too hate, hate HATE to see any animal abused or unhappy. It makes me sick. Sick to my soul.

Tell me where that woman lives and I wil go hit her on the head with the baseball bat.

Tell me where the Puppy Mill is, I will free all the dogs, find them homes, and hit the owner with the same baseball bat, and then burn down the mill.
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