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Rolly Poley

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Ok, I shouldn't have named him Cosmo... it should've been rolly poley! He'll follow me around room to room and come to where I'm sitting or standing and just flop down on the floor and roll onto his back. You start petting him and he's rolling all over the place enjoying himself, stretching and kneading the air. I'm starting to think the boy can't stand up since he's always flopping himself onto the floor and rolling around! (kidding of course - he runs around and plays, jumps, has cat skitzos just fine).

He loves a good cuddle and loves to be pet, but I'm finding that he's not a lap cat. He does like to be held for short periods of time, but then you have to hold him like a baby. I'll try to get a picture of that!

Okay, well this is a nap, but he looks the same when rolling around just his eyes are open

So who else has a rolly poley stretchy monster?
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ok silly stinker just decided to make a liar out of me! first time he's jumped into my lap and it's while i'm sitting here! lol
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Nano does a lot more "roly poly" than any lap-sitting. She doesn't really sit on my lap but if I am on the couch, she will come sit alongside of me and lean into my hip. The purring will start and she will accept intermittent petting while I read a book or talk on the phone.
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He is GEORGOUS!! My absolute favourite colour!
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aw!!! he is precious!!!
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Awwwwww! It's just like my Wally...He isn't a lap cat either but will sometimes come sit by you and lay by you. He is totally a rolly poly sort. All I have to do is talk to him all sweet and he arches his back and then flops on the floor for a big roly poly wiggly stretch and then a vigorous scratch and pet. He is ecstatoc when we do this, all purry and squeezy eyed. He is so vocal and has such expressions....so cute! He just loves to talk. And he is a furry monster... big and hairy! Your kitty is beautiful by the way.
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Oh I Love that color to, My Dunkin is a hefty roller lol, 9 mos 13.5 lbs
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That's how Cosmo is too. He loves to be near us, in the same room one of us is in, and he'll lay near us for a good rub/petting rolling and stretching all over the place. Sometimes he'll settle into one position that doesn't LOOK comfortable to me, but obviously he likes it (like the pose you see in the pic above)
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He's so beautiful! How picture-esque he is.

My kitties are lap cats AND huge floppers. As soon as we open the door and get home they start falling over where they stand. It's SO funny. Sometimes I'm on the phone w/ my boy or my mother and I have to say "Man, the cats are dropping like FLIES around here" but then I give them the belly rubs (my bf gives them massages practically!) that they are begging for and they are happy.

Glad to see Cosmo is not having any trouble settling in.

Sara (who rarely remembers to put her name at the end of a post)
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What a sight that must be! I think I'd be in stitches to see a whole bunch of kitties flopping all over the place!

Ands thanks for the compliments (to everyone) on his beauty. He really is a handsome boy and I can't wait to take some more photos of him
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Cosmo is gorgeous! Jamie is a "flopper", too, and doesn't enjoy laps, except in the morning (we've never figured out why they're only acceptable in the a.m.). He does like to lie on top of us when we're prone, and drapes himself across my shoulders all the time.
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