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heres pretty stray cat

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Here is my Pinky. I found him when he was only a few months old. Someone dumped a couple of kittens in a parking lot in some bushes in 105 degree weather with no food and water. It took me 4 hours and all of my chicken strips to catch them but I finally did.
This photo of Pinky was not set up. This is right after a rain storm and he was sitting in the flower pot with white flowers and I thought it was cute.

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Wow! Gorgeous! Lucky you! Also, how kind of Pinky to arrange himself so perfectly for the shot!
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Great shot! What a beautiful kitty!!
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he's gorgeous! and you're right, he's Marsh's long lost twin brother
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Pretty! Do you think you could keep him?
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A very pretty white kitty!
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Aw she's beautiful Thank you for saving them. That is a great picture.
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wow if you can grow pretties like that can I have some seeds? Beautiful kitty!
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oh wow! he is beautiful!!!!
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Pinky is adorable. Those are beautiful photos. That was a wonderful thing that you did, rescuing those kittens. I'd like to find the jerk that dumped them!!!
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We obtained Bella in much the same way. I cannot believe the things people do to cats and kittens. Thnaks for giving her a home!
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Originally Posted by Jalapeno
Pretty! Do you think you could keep him?
well I've had him since last summer. I will keep him unless I find a good home for him. I have to keep him outside because of the bengals but if I find someone who will take him and make him an indoor cat that would be best for him. He is a serious loverboy.
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Beautiful kitty, love the pic.
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What a pretty boy, and I'm sure he's feeling lucky to have you
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That's such a great shot!
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