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This bugs me

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I've made an appointment to get Onyx's vaccination next month and am a bit irked at the high cost. $35 for one needle! No wonder people often don't get their cats vaccinated in my area! $35 x 2 rounds x 5 cats = lotsa $$$. Its also going to cost me $275 to get my 3 kittens spayed (they are all roughly the same age, so they'll go at the same time) I'm not saying I'm unwilling to pay for Vet costs, because I love my cats, and they are worth it. But it just bugs me because I think the Vet is way overcharging. Prime example why there is an overabundance of kittens born each year. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now

Question for the experts. I know that Onyx (who is an outddor/indoor kitty) needs to be vaccinated as he is in contact with other cats outside. How vital is it to get indoor kitties vaccinated? (Don't worry, I'm going to have it done regardless, I'm just curious)
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Hi Melissa
I am a great one for getting my cats vaccinated and always have, however one of my dear friends does not belive in vaccinating inside cats,She had a male cat who lived to the age of 21.
She was very careful and never picked up any cats outside of her house.
She now has 2 more cats both aged 8 both not vaccinated

Personaly I am paranoid,I will not take the risk.

It really is tough on people trying to do the right thing, where does the goverment get off allowing vets to charge such high prices.
They really should subsidise them. to help out.

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I know, vet prices are so frustrating! Yesterday I took Puffy to get his first round of shots and it was $30 for about 2 minutes with the vet. They didn't even really check him. Must be nice to have that type of profit margin! Another vet I go to (I have one vet for the cats and one for my dog) charges $50 for the first round of kitten shots. That's basically highway robbery.

And I have to admit, one they're finished with their kitten shots, I don't get them updated every year. I mean, they never go outside and I don't bring in any new cats, so what's the point? I think every three years is what I'm going to do for the cats. My dog is a different story since she's outside. She gets her shots and heart worm pills like clockwork.
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Groan Its time right now for Kiki's shots. But my vet does take time with her. In fact he will stop and gossip if nothing pressing is going on. And he always picks her up and loves her when he is done.

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Melissa, have you looked for another vet in the area that doesn't charge that much just for exams and boosters? I know all vets here have different prices. After some searching and trial& error I finally found one that is both reasonable and has great vets.
You can also look into getting certificates from either Spay USA or Friends of Animals. You send the money to them once they send you the forms and then they send you the certificate and a list of vets in the area that will accept it. I think both are between 35.00 and 45.00 for spays.
My oppinion on vaccines. Well, if you have one or two indoor only cats then yes, I would say it's okay to do the kitten series, and then one or two annuals and then go to an every 3 year booster. If you ever intend on brining another cat home or spending time with unknown cats, get them boostered every year for the feline distemper. When I only had 3 cats, I just did the kitten series. I learned my lesson when I brought home 2 kittens and they gave all 3 of my cats the calici virus and they were all sick for weeks. Not to mention it costing me over 200.00 in vet bills.
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When my boss asked me to establish the animal control program about 20 years ago (choke) I remember going to many different counties in order to find out the best possible ways to achieve the most comprehensive ordinance for our County. Not to mention, get some really great programs started for people that couldn't afford prices due to multi-cat/dog households. There was a lady who worked with me and she was an angel She started a program called "ABC" (easy enough "Animal Birth Control) and we both canvased the county to have the vets join in on a low cost vaccine/spay/neuter clinic.

It's a wonderful thing. If you can prove you have a mult-pet household, or even if you can't afford it...all you have to do is fill out an application and ABC will subsidize your pets care. This is only for spay/nuetering and vaccines. Not bad! A male cat is nuetered for $10.00 and a female spayed for $20.00. Those prices are unbeatable. The series of vaccine are 12.00 (I think)

It's something that you have to start working with your county commissoners with. Perhaps if you have time, you can get to a meeting and have it put on the agenda to be heard. If not, maybe a representative from an animal organization can be your voice.

These prices that vets ask are outrageous and it's not reasonable to put this hardship on people that give these animals homes. The county should see it as a relief method for them because it takes alot of money to run a county animal control program and they could use all the help they can get.

Vets, when approached, are usually very nice and will work with the county upon request. As of 1990 we establsihed a no cost clinic for established feral colonies! This was a very cool accomplishment.

Just a suggestion

Love & Peace,
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I guess I am lucky that my vet allows me to pay off out account , other wise it would be really hard, he is very good about it and usually allows up to a month.
Gosh how I wish they would come up with a health care plan that you can pay into for pets.
Now that really would be heaven.

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Tish :angel2:

Have you checked the Internet? There's tons of agencies that have pet insurance. It's just that when you have multiple pets, it can get rather expensive. If I only had two cats, trust me, I'd be enrolled in one of them. They're realitively inexpensive.

Here's a couple of links for ya

Love & Peace,
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Have any of you tried Petsmart's Banfield Hospital? They only charge $10 to $15 dollars for the shots. Or at the local SPCA or Humane Society? I've taken my former cat Jake and it cost me $20 for two shots.
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In the past, the vet clinic I take my pets to allowed people to bring their pets in for treatment, make no payment, and have the bill mailed to them later. People were also able to make monthly payments on their vet bills. These policies were designed to make it easy for people to give their pets the proper care.

The vet clinic was forced to discontinue these reasonable policies because some owners took advantage and didn't pay their bills at all. Now, when an animal is brought in for treatment, full payment is expected immediately. There is a small sign at the front desk explaining the reasons for the policy change. And I am sure that prices had to be increased to make up for the losses suffered when people wouldn't pay.

Possibly a lot of other vet clinics have had similar problems.
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I think thats what happened to my Vet. I called another clinic in my area (the only other one!) and the prices were even higher there. The SPCA doesn't help anyone who doesn't get the cat from them directly. The kittens and cats they adopt out have had their shots and are spayed/neutered, or you get a 'coupon' to get it done later at a lower price. It bugs me because even though I didn't get my cats there, the 3 little girls I have now all came from pretty dire situations. Since I'm a bleeding heart, I had to help them. The only reason they weren't at the SPCA is because they couldn't take them as they were full. Maybe I'll call and ask them about it, it can't hurt. They are rescues as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I can get them all done at once and save a bit through the clinic the SPCA deals with. Oh..get this one...the other clinic I called today said I could only get a discount if I brought 4 cats in at one time to be done. I said " Well, I only have 3" and she said "Well, that doesn't count then" I was sitting there thinking HUH???
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Well, I probably shouldn't even post this, because I am quite sure I will be flamed, but I guess I have to be honest, and take my chances.
I love my cats. All my cats. But I have 12. I can't afford shots and vaccines for all of I don't. They are fine. Don't get me wrong, it is definately the right and the best thing to do to have them vaccinated!!!!!!!!
But I don't, and when I lived here 20 years ago, we had cats, and they were never vaccinated, and they lived for years and years.

Merlin does have his rabies shots, but the others don't. Or any other shots. if I had the money I would do it.
Please don't think that I don't care about my cats or don't love them.
I am just being honest.

Oh, and in case someone thinks maybe I shouldn't have so many cats if I can't afford the shots, let me just add that most of my cats would not be alive at all today if it wasn't for me taking them in.
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Deb :angel2:

You do what you can and as far as I'm concerned; you've done the best with what you have. I would hope no one would be that judgemental to flame you here or anywhere else. You've got a big heart and I don't have that bad a memory to recall all the love, energy and sacrafices you've made for your cats since being acquainted with you.

Granted, wouldn't it be all gravy if everyone had lost cost rabies clinics...etc. I don't think you owe anyone an explanation, hon.

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Thank you Cat!!!!!!
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Yeah, I talked to the vet in Petsmart. They wanted a $90 membership fee per cat. Neuter was going to be $85. Shots were $35. Oh, but on Thursdays, if you bought the shot, the check up was free. I can take my babies to the fancy new 24-hour animal clinic down the street after hours for that kind of money. And I don't get that membership deal, it's not a health club for crying out loud and it certainly doesn't give you better rates.
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[i] maybe I shouldn't have so many cats if I can't afford the shots, let me just add that most of my cats would not be alive at all today if it wasn't for me taking them in. [/b]
At least you care enough to keep them alive and well, healthy well fed and by the sounds of things very very loved, they are lucky to have you.

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[i] If I only had two cats, trust me, I'd be enrolled in one of them. They're realitively inexpensive.

Yeah right, only 2 cats lol..mmmm would you belive I started with just 1 cat many years ago lol..

Thanks for the links Cat,
I will check into them after that nasty fat little man in the red suit with the long white beard , that costs me money every year goes away.(No not talking of the husband, not that he doesn't cost me money )
WOW big spending time, 5 cats and 1 dog. The overtime will kill me LOL.
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The PetSmart here in Oregon is VERY high too, I take my kids to Companion Pet Clinic and their shots have ranged from $8.95 for the first kitten shots to a top price of $14.00, and the spay fee is $21.95 and neuter $29.95...very affordable.
Of course, I only have 3 cats, even these prices could be devastating if I had a few more.

Some friends thought I was nuts (some still do ) when I took all the kittens in and got their first shots before I adopted them out, but I wanted to be sure they had a good start, and I think it was the right thing to do. Even though I'm confidant they have good homes, s**t happens and people don't always do what they say they will. At least I know the little angels have a little protection.

Now that they all have been placed, except for my little Rudy Tootie Fresh and Fruity (dont say it, I hope you all have IHOPs where you are) I can spend half a nights tips and take Cagney in and have her spayed! Then Lily will be next...then Rudy...then...wait, thats all! Whew!
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I agree with others, I don't feel you should be flamed just because you can't afford the shots for all your cats. At least you care enough to give the cats good care, a good home, and a chance for life.

My brother-in-law farms and has been forced to take in many cats that people have just abandoned along the hiway. Many of the cats arrive at his farm half-starved and in very poor general condition. My brother-in-law gets very frustrated with people who are unwilling to take any responsibility for their animals. These unresponsible people are the ones who should be critized(sp), not someone like you. My brother-in-law can't afford shots for all these cats either, but at least he does more for them than their original owners.
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Hi Tish :angel2::daisy:

:laughing2 That's exactly what I mean. I have nine!!!! :laughing2

I know one more will pop into my life before the year's out. I just have that feeling. :laughing2 YIKES...after the 2k vet bill for Opie...egads! :laughing2 Oh well, what's money anyway! Yeah, right! :laughing2

Love ya,
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Thank you LadyHawk and Lorie D. And if you ask any of the people who know me, they will tell you that my cats are very fat and happy, and have no worries, they are just all very well loved!!!
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