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Refried beans?

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Refried beans...more specifically, green chili and lime no fat refried beans...Simon has developed a serious jones for them, and I was wondering if it would hurt him.

The other evening, I was making some beans and rice for dinner. A splot of beans fell off the spoon and onto the floor...Simon, being Simon, came over and checked it out. And lapped the splot right up. I watched him carefully, but he didn't even have gas...

So tonight, I finished up the can making nachos. In the middle of making it, I had to take a potty break. When I came back, Simon was up on the counter, eating (not licking, tasting, or pawing, but eating...chomping down, as a matter of fact) from the bowl of beans I had slightly reheated for the nachos...

So does anyone know if refried (fat free, no lard) beans are harmful for my wee psycho man? They're spicy, and I just couldn't believe he was eating them like that. And I had to admit I laughed...he was so funny sitting there, beans on his nose, smacking his lips like this was the most delectable treat I could've conjured up for him....

Anyone? I'd hate to have to take him to the emergency vet and explain he ate my beans.

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A little lick won't hurt him, but gulping down too much of any people food isn't good for him. Keep an eye on him for upset stomach or diarrhea. One of my girls loves beans as well, but her absolute favourite to steal is cabbage rolls!
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One concern would be if the lime can cause vomitting since it's listed that citrous fruit extracts can, my larger concern would be if this chili has any onion in it, or garlic. There is no dispute that onions are toxic, and many agree that while the sensitivity to garlic may be less, it varies cat to cat, and can be just as much of a problem as onions, to some cats.

If it was onion/garlic free, I'd just wait and see how he does..hopefully no vomitting.
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No, no onion nor garlic. No vomitting, diahhrea, or farting. He seems just fine....rather annoyed at me for leaning over him and sniffing, though. LOLOL!!!


I guess that's just another thing I have to keep an eye out for. Man, who'd'a thunk it??? Simon likes refried beans!

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I always love reading your stories about Simon the Genius Cat, but this one takes the cake. Could it be he was hispanic in his previous life - watch out, you may have a Latin Lover on your hands
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I love hearing about Simon too - I would guess that once won't hurt but beans should not be a regular part of his diet! I had a cat once that would eat anything with tomato sauce on it, so I had to be really careful not to leave stuff like spaghetti and chili around.
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Im actually very sorry to be laughing, but I just can't help it.Kaya once ate about 6 brewers yeast tablets that I had on my table,I went to get a glass of water came back and there he was, same thing ,smacking his lips.I called the vet laughing my a** off! I was terrifed but I couln't stop laughing...but seriously I hope Simons ok!
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Spot loves cookies. When I first found him, he stole a couple of chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night (I found the evidence the next morning). My boyfriend had a Trefoil Girl Scout cookie a few days ago. He offered it to Spot, thinking maybe he'd sniff it or lick it. Spot grabbed the cookie out of his hand and hid under the coffee table so he could eat it without being caught. He's also been known to break into a bag of bread. The one thing I thought would give him diarrhea for sure was when he stole my chicken quesadillas. That's what I get for leaving the house for a few minutes. Fortunately, his digestive tract seemed to handle everything pretty well.
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LOL, yes, Simon keeps me on my toes. As for him being latin in another life, I wouldn't doubt it; he's passionate, very vocal, has a temper, uses body language very very well, and is very possessive of me. LOL (I mean all that in the nicest way possible!)

There are no lasting effects - I had more gas than he did. And please also know that people food is NOT something any of my 5 get...just like I don't eat cat food, they don't eat people food. Sometimes, though, the bowl of beans is too tempting, I suppose.

Frankly, he didn't even have any bad effects at all, lasting or not. He's so funny. And I just couldn't believe; beans, spicy; Simon chowing down....good grief, I wonder what's next?

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My little one LOVES chips. Anything salty & crunchy. If it is salty but not crunchy or the other way around forget about it! Tostitos with lime flavor, Kettle potato chips, even soy chips! Sometimes he gets gutsy enough to steal the chips out of your hand between the bag and your mouth
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