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Melt My Heart Right Here, Right Now

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On Easter's Eve, I couldn't help feel such overwhleming tenderness for this little story out of the Pacific Northwest, in the true spirit of Spring and rebirth. After a troubling Friday for many, I hope it brings a ray of joy in our world.

A family found this fawn on their front steps a few weeks ago and took this photo. The white spots on the steps are apple blossom petals.

As you may know, deer hide their fawns and go away for awhile. The fawns have no odor yet, and naturally stay absolutely still. The fawn stayed there all morning, and the mama came to get it after 4-5 hours.

Kudos to the people for leaving the fawn alone, knowing Mom would be back.

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That is sooo awesome, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing!!
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Aww... E what a beautiful story... Thanks for sharing it.
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Beautiful story!
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He is so cute, nice story.

Thanks Eddie
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Oh how sweet that picture is
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Oh my goodness that absolutely made my heart melt! Thank you so much for sharing that. It's so beautiful!!
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How precious...that is a wonderful story (and a lovely fawn )
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Wow. What a great story, and such a fantastic picture! I'm so glad the people knew what to do...I totally would have done the wrong thing for the right reasons!
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That photo is just precious. Proof that there is still pure and innocent beauty left in this world.
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Awwww, that's so sweet!
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Oh, this is absolutely precious! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, E!
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I have tears in my eyes!
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How wonderful! Mum must have trusted that family so much to leave her baby there - regardless of whether the camouflage was good.
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My heart has just melted into goo! I must admit that I would not have known any better and would have tried to care for the fawn, thinking it was abandoned or that it's mother was killed. Geez, I'm glad I know now!

Thanks so much for sharing the story, Elizabeth! The picture is breath-taking!
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what a precious picture!
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