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Dianna update...

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You all might remember me asking for good wishes and vibes back in November for my coworker Dianna. She had been diagnosed with Cancer on her spine, liver and lungs. The prognosis was not good. She has been doing radiation and chemo and has been very ill. She stopped by a few times at work to see us and say hi, but we were all just holding our breath.

Well, it finally paid off. Starting on Monday, she will be back to work part time. She stopped in earlier and informed us that she is feeling great and the doctors have okayd her working if she feels she is up to it. She is bored at home, so she wants to work 15 hours a week or so.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Keep them up, as she isn't out of the clear yet, and still has two more treatments to go. But so far, so good!
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oh Amber! That is such a wonderful Easter greeting. How lovely!! GO DIANNA GO!
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