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Any advice appreciated

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CJ is getting up there. I think she's almost ready to have her kittens. I'm not too sure, though. I think she "dropped," and she has been nesting, and my mom said her rear looked puffy, and she's walking funny. My dilemma is that she is still playing a little. Not hard, just chasing a remote control mouse, and then laying down, and then chasing, and then laying down... she did this a few times before she quit. Billy, my male cat, well.... he's not a "man" anymore , has been sniffing her down in "that area" a lot. I don't know, is it just my imagination, or is she close?

Any advice will be appreciated!

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Every now and then, I see her tummy "go in"... what looks like mild contractions. I see her breath heavily, and then go back to normal breathing. She is going in and out of her chosen nesting box, and walks up to the litter box, stops, and turns away. She is sniffing everywhere. I have her locked away from my male cat, just in case, and if I don't see any action tonight, I'll let her out in the morning. I think she might be in labor, but I'm not sure.
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Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that she won't sit on her bum, either.

I know I've asked a lot about CJ and her pregnancy lately, and thanks for putting up with it. It's not like it's my first litter or cat pregnancy, it's just my first time with such a small cat. I'm so nervous, excited, and giddy at the same time. I think she's in labor, but it's hard to tell.
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Your second post sounds like she's in labor. I witnessed early labor in my mom's cat Tuxedo, and the symptoms were almost identical: restlessness, trips to the litterbox, nesting, and when she laid down on the floor and her stomach contracted so hard her back legs almost curled up, I knew it was TIME. I suspect you'll have kittens by morning!!!!
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If she's having contractions it is easy to tell. Put your hand on her belly (towards the side) you will feel it rise up like a ball and get really hard and then it will go away. You can see it too but im not sure how hard it would be to tell if the cat has long hair, but from the pictures your cat dosen't look like she has long hair.
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Cassie keep her in a room by herself, no other cats and have several nesting boxes she can choose from. If you have an old sheet or blanket, you can strip it out and put the strips in the box.
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No, she doesn't have long hair. I tried feeling her, and I can't tell, because she is constantly moving. It's weird, because other than what I said above, she's acting normal, now... cleaning her self, begging for lovings, trying to get out of the room, and even eating. Should I take her food up?

She has two nesting areas. Both with old blankets in them, and I have the room light turned off with a closet light on, so that there isn't much light in the room. Also, she is in my room, and though she has two nesting areas, she has other places too, in case she doesn't feel comfortable. Though, I think she's chosen a box I have, because she goes in there and scratches, and nests in it, so I think that might be where she has them.

Thanks for all the advice!
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Well.. no kittens. It was a false alarm. But she's gonna have them any time, now! I'll keep you posted! Thank for the advice!
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maverick showed no signs she was going into labour. she ate, played, begged for affection as usual then her water broke!

i took her to bed but she went to sleep so i did too then she woke me up and hour and a half later the whole thing was over!

i think cj will let you know when shes ready. just keep and eye out for mucus/losing her plug/ waters breaking (whatever term you prefer)
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Grace didn't show many signs...except for being EXTRA sweet and cuddly about 15-20 minutes before she went into labor. When I noticed this behavior I began to rub her belly, because I had read somewhere that you can help it along and then she started having her babies! Okay, so maybe my rubbing her didn't help and she was going to have them anyways, but I like to think I helped! haha!

Please keep us updated! I'll be here for another 6.5 hours if you need someone to talk to!
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When my Samona gave birth almost 2 weeks ago you never knew she was going to go till that day. She was so nice and sweet even to my poms. The day she gave birth I swear she turned. She attacked my poms!! She was in and out of the box beside my computer desk at least twice every half hour. You can read all about what happened in the breeders corner under Help!!! Queen gone crazy. It will take you through the whole day and night with Samona. Now I have 5 beautiful baby kittens all healthy, purring, playing, and eyes open. They are not up to full walking yet but getting close and are getting used to being held. So don't give up CJ will have her babies soon.
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Sounds like she's really close!

I'd do what Mary Anne suggested.
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Any news yet???? Im am so excited for the kittens to be born!
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Nope... no kitties yet. She was acting funny again last night, so I stayed up with her to watch her, until she fell asleep, and so did I. She's going to have them this week, though... I can tell by the way she's looking. I'm so excited to see her kitties! I can't wait.
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Come on, CJ!

I can't wait!

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