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Other uses for....?

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The other day there was a hint on a TV show that to get rid of the smell in old trainers you should put in it an old sock filled with cat litter and Bicarbonate of soda.

I haven't tried it, but it's plausable it could work. And it started me wondering if anyone had found other uses for things that they're not designed for.

Any usefull tips out there?
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old trainers, ????

what is this?
I don't understand.
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Shoes? Pants maybe??
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Ah.... a language dilema. I mean training shoes... smelly shoes.... Oh I don't know what you'd call them, but what you play sports or generally wear for comfort.

In the UK we call them trainers.
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Originally Posted by Cougar
Shoes? Pants maybe??
Athletic sneakers.

I use vanilla-scented carpet deodorizer in the litter boxes. It works as well as PetFresh and its MUCH cheaper (I buy it at the 99-cent store).
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Old Nurse's Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. Pour over stain rinse with COLD water and mild soap. Foams right out...has saved me countless $ especially with expensive white uniforms. I once had a whole unit of blood fall on me (from the IV pole) I looked like Carrie from the movie Carrie, peroxide saved the day!
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Hemorroid gel is great for preventing and treating blisters on your hands and feet. It also works wonders on pimples. Just don't buy the cream, or you'll smell like shark liver oil. Ick!
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Used dryer sheets work well to dust TV's. Also unused dryer sheet repell ants. I can't think of anything else right now but when I do I will share. I have an entire list of different ways to use everyday items but I can't find it.
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