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Rascal bites

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When I rub Rascal's tummy, he would purr and then he would nip at me. Also when we play. I say a loud No! and put him down. He jumps back up and relaxes. Then when I rub his sides, he does it again. I always tell him NO! I also clap my hands loudly. How can I teach him not to bite?
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In my limited experience, some cats just don't like to have their tummies rubbed, or their sides. Maybe hes just sensitive in those areas and it annoys him. My cats like to be petted on the back and top of the head, Loco is the only one out of 5 who likes his tummy rubbed.
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I agree with Melissa...some cats just don't like getting tummy rubs. So, the best and kindest solution is to just stop rubbing her tummy!
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Nena, first thing is that all kittens bite. It is natural for them to play like this. In order to break the habit, you have to first know what triggers the biting. As with the belly rubbing, you know it causes the little teeth to start, so as Melissa and lotsocats said, don't do it. Also, when interacting with him you need to use something other than your hand. When he goes for the hand you tell him no and give him a feather toy or something else he can sink his teeth into. Cats are always going to bite, you just have to show them what is appropriate.
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