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Doesn't this scream part pixie-bob?

I was doing research on pixie-bobs when i realized how much they look like peaches! She has the exact same personality and weighs the right amount for a female. She weighs 13 lbs and compared to sam, she's a big cat. If she is part pixie-bob, it has to be from her dad's side because i've seen her mom.
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She certainly is a pretty cat! But since I am not really an authority on Pixie Bobs, it would be really hard for me to say! Since there isn't a pedigree to go by, the only thing I can say is that she is a very pretty Domestic Shorthair Mix that contains many, many cats of unknown heritage. I know that doesn't give you what you want, but it is my opinion ... *smile* She really is quite pretty. Her tabby pattern is beautiful.
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She doesn't look like a Pixie Bob to me. She is cute though.
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