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Daily Thread for Tuesday

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There was a cat show over the weekend. The sad part was that I didn't know about it until I watched the news on Sunday night. If I would have known, I'd have gone.
Rascal is getting bigger. Do any of your cats know whats in the kitchen. When I start to go there, Rascal runs in front of me and when he is in there he starts meowing. If there is food that I am cooking, he begs! He follows me everywhere. He goes ahead of me.
He likes to play fetch. Everyday when I wake up, I found Rascal untop of me with his feather-on-a-stick toy in his mouth. He dropped it and he looked at me, saying, "Come on! Play with me." It was six in the morning and I haven't had my coffee yet. So, I played with him. He tries to get at it. then I threw it on the ground and he goes and fetches it.

I have great news about my weight. I've lost eight pounds. It is a slow process, but I am doing it!!
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Took my daughter to the dentist today, but we were unable to get any fillings done. She was so scared the dentist said he wouldn't do the work because he didn't want to traumatize her. So sometime after the new year we'll take her down to the hospital and they'll give her general anaesthesia and get the rest of the cavities in one go. They are very bad, and there are tons of them all over her mouth! It's our fault though. She used to nurse to sleep, and when she weaned we would give her a sippy cup of milk to take to bed. We kept thinking, "Oh, good for us, no sugary juice or soda, how wonderful!" Of course, milk is just packed with sugar - lactose - there simply isn't added processed sugar! Well, you know what they say about good intentions . . .

So I took her to the PetSmart near the doctor to calm down. She loved the lizards, and the lizard lady was there so we got to hold some. Then we checked out the cats and, my goodness! There were some really beautiful ones there! A very striking orange tabby / flame Abyssinian cross, a blue point Siamese who is probably pet quality because her coat on her body wasn't quite "clean", two very friendly grey tabby and white cats who were not related, some half-grown kittens. They were all so wonderful, but about $100 each to adopt, though that includes the spay / neuter. I just know I'm going to grow up to be one of those old ladies with too many cats, I wanted them all!
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Oh Sunlion, I can understand the dentist thing!! My 2 year old had her first visit at 18 months and she screamed. No cavities thank god though.
So, its like below freezing here! BRRRRRR.
My two kitties are going for shots on the 3rd of Dec. They were supposed to go next week but I had to reschedule. I am having surgery on Nov 20th ( having my tubes tied, no more babies here ), and I am getting more and more nervous each day!!!!!! Anyway, back to the kitties, They are getting their distemper shots and rabies. Hope they handle it ok........Fuzzy is quite a "handful" shall we say??
Tomorrow marks the middle of the week! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!
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Whoever said weddings were so much fun was lying!!!! It is less than two weeks from mine and so many things are going wrong. I have been getting so upset lately with everything that's going wrong that I have been getting pretty shakey and light headed and I'm starting to get sick (sore throat & stuffy nose). Basically, all the wedding planning has made me realize that I hate it!!! I just want to be married already without all this stress.

The one thing that has upset me the most is my wedding dress. I took it to an alteration place that came highly recommended. Well, they didn't do my bustle right, the hem at the bottom is sloppy, and they got my dress dirty! They agreed to get the stain out of the front of the dress but said they wouldn't remove the dirt from the bottom because nobody would see it. Well I paid $100 and got the HE double hockey stick out of there, but now I have to go have someone fix it and press it for almost $200! Where's one of my kitties when I them, oh yeah I can't bring them to work with me
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I think that whoever said weddings were fun, meant ATTENDING them, not planning them!
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Sunlion - I'm right there with you about the dentist thing. My daughter started getting cavaties when she was three because she has very deep crevices in her molars. She had all four of her two-year molars filled when she was three, and now she has cavaties in all four of her one-year molars. She does very badly at the dentist. They weren't going to do the procedure either because she was screaming so bad going back. I finally conviced them to let me back there with her to hold her hand (harder than you might think to get to go back with your kids) and she did great. They were amazed because most kids do worse when the parents are back there. We're going to the dentist on Friday, both kids have cleanings and xrays. Poor Adam even has a spot on one of his molars and he's only 2! It's very frustrating, even when I know it's not my fault. I want their teeth to be perfect! Too bad they inherited their dad's teeth and not mine.
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Where are you going for dental work? We see Dr. Preece, over by Hulen Mall, which is kind of a hike for us but he was covered by our insurance. I guess it's really only 15 minutes or so, but it's on the highway and all. Anyway, he's very kind and lets me walk her back, settle her in, and sit either where she can see me or where I can touch her. He seems to get a lot of sensitive kids because he said "Wednesdays are my regular day [to do dental work] at the hospital." And his nurse, who makes appointments, said there are usually a handful of kids there, so really 5 kids every week is what? 250 kids a year? Sounds like an awful lot but what do I know. He also said, if there is just a small cavity or a bit of a soft spot, he has a kind of air compressor thing that makes almost no noise and doesn't hurt, like the drill does. Just my daughter's teeth are so bad that he couldn't use it for her (not to mention large and soft and close together in a small mouth with a cross bite, from me, and with a bit of an underbite, from hubby, poor thing is going to need major orthodontics later). But she is very happy with the decision to do it at the hospital.
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