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What's Your Joy?

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I've owned many cats in my life, all with different personality quirks and games to play.

Mika is our new Siamese. When reading up on them before purchasing him, I read that meezers are the dogs of the cat world, and they were right! I'm fairly certain Mika is a mutated Chihuahua. He plays fetch for hours on end. Just throw the hair srunchie and he'll take off in a shot to retrieve it. He'll then bring it and drop it right at your feet, then stand and wait for another go, just like a dog. We're tempted to switch to little frisbees and train him for the show "Pet Star".

He also "faints" (really just the flop over on the floor and purr deal) nearly on command.

What goofy things do your kids do?
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What a fantastic cat!

I used to own one who followed me throughout the neighborhood like a dog. He'd even follow me into other people's homes, and sit or lie at my feet! It was great!

My current kitties are pretty mellow...they act like normal cats, which means I'm the staff, and they are the management.
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Now THAT's a mellow cat... I've never heard of one that took to strangers and strange places so willingly.

Mika's still technically a kitten, only 15-16 weeks old, but that kid is as big as any adult cat I've ever owned. He's gonna be a biggun, of course my first Siamese so I don't know what to expect.

I can't wait to see what he's going to be like as a mature adult, but in the meantime I'll relish the goofiness that is Mr. Spunk aka Moo Moo aka Stink aka Mika.
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Monkey always had a ball he loved to fetch,he would drop it in his water bowl get it soaking wet then carry it everywhere,and drop it for us to throw.This would go on for hours.(he also always meowed when I sneezed) Picasso has a toy tied to a string that he is completly obsessed with ,he'll grab it in his mouth and pull on it like tug of war,just like a dog would,he lays on it until we play with him.
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Mark loved water - he used to take a pingpong ball over to his water bowl, drop it in, then chase it around as it floated. The kitchen was under water by the time he was done. Jazzie loves you to sit at the foot of the stairs and to throw one of her pingpong balls three or four steps up - the stairs are curved and the final spiral has very wide steps with quite a deep drop. She then chases the ball back down to you, and as soon as it's in your reach, rushes back up to the third step for you to throw it again.
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Oh my, Mika did the funniest thing last night... we both laughed so hard our sides hurt.

We were sitting watching tv, and he was in the floor on the other side of the coffee table flipping something up in the air and catching it, generally playing with it. Hubby says "What's he got?", since it was obviously not the usual scrunchie (he apparently lost all of his)... it was a pair of hubby's boxers out of the bedroom!

He took them away from him and sat back down... a few minutes later, here comes Mika, dragging a full size tee shirt out of the bedroom that he'd stolen off the top of the dresser! We put it back, and he brought it out again...

What a little freak!
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Ever since my massage table has become a permanent fixture in the dining room, kitties stay on it most of the time. I keep a heavy furinture pad on it, but they have been very good about not clawing it. (if they did, I would have to break it down and put it back up every time I use it) I mentioned to my s/o this morning that kitties do not cuddle with me nearly as much, since they spend most of their time sleeping on my massage table, and that I was considering taking it down. About 20 minutes later, while I was lying on the couch, Pepper came in, wrapped her paws around my neck, gave me a little kiss, and fell asleep. She stayed for about an hour, then when she went away, here came Fred and Scooter in for about an hour long cuddle. I can't decide whether kitties didn't want me to feel neglected, or didn't want to lose their current favorite sleeping spot. Either way, I thought it was so sweet of them. I am now totally convinced that they know what I say.
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Simon, my snowshoe Siamese, does many and varied things. He's scary smart...

He's color coordinated my clothes.
He's tried to take photos.
He answers both my cell and landline.
He walks on a leash and harness.
He sings, yodels, and tells me everything I've ever needed to know...about simply everything on the planet.
He eats refried beans.
He plays fetch.
He is a companion to Pengy.
He has recently taken to helping me brush my hair.
He comes to the door when I leave, and kisses me goodbye. He also greets me, with a kiss and conversation.
He's put together dinner for me.
He opens and closes doors.
He brings me the mail.
He changes the channel on the tv (via the remote control).
He helps me wash dishes (he tries to use the sponge on the plates.)

And he does many other things, too...

Yes, Simon is scary smart. The other cats just watch him, and I can hear their thoughts: "HEY! Knock that off - you're ruining it for the rest of us!!!"

And...he's just 10 months old. I have no idea what he'll be like when he hits maturity...

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Wow! That is one smart kitty!
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My new boy Wawa may not be as smart as your cats but he seems to want to please me the way a dog would. He watches me play with Jello and joins in. He will beg at the table like Jello does. He will follow me everywhere. Just the other day he almost jumped in the pool when I went swimming, but he got scared by the splash when I dove in. He didn't go far though and slowly walked to the edge of the pool, sat and waited until I was done. He's probably a potential "guard" cat.
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