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She's here!! Pics of my new furbaby!

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Kiri is here! She's doing well She's a pretty shy little girl. They told me at the Vet's office that she would never be a cuddly cat and would always be afraid of people as her mom was a feral cat. However... I spent about 2 hours with her today, just lying on my bed with her. At first she'd cringe everytime I touched her After lots of soft baby talk, I decided to try to rub her tummy. She gave me a 'how dare you!' look for a second, then she started purring up a storm. She rolled over and let me tickle her tummy, and even played with my fingers! She curled up with me and we had a nap. So much for the 'cat that couldn't be placed' She's getting along with my cats very well , Gypsy started licking her on the face and purring right away! I'm so happy I can give her a loving home Here is a pic of the little sweetie...
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Heres a pic of Kiri and her buddy Gypsy :
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Very cute, Melissa. I am glad that everything is turning all right for you and your babies.
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Boy, Kiri looks like a sweetie! Funny how a little affection begets affection from kits...

It looks, from the picture, as if you haven't had any "introduction" problems.

Good luck with Kiri and the rest!

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Oh how wonderful for you she is sooooooooo sweet.
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No introduction probs at all I left her in the cat carrier for a little while and let the others come up and sniff her. There weren't any growls or hisses at all!! I must have the most mellow cats in the world! They're all one big happy, furry family!
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Absolutely beautiful!! I love the name as well. I'll bet you anything they will become best buds before you know it.


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Gosh she's cute!
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Just because the mom was feral does not mean the kitten will have the same traits. IF you go slow with her, give her time, let her make the moves to you and not look her directly in the eyes when you have contact with her, she will come around. Try just sitting on the floor near her and reading out loud to her. If she comes to you, don't reach for her, just let her explore you. I have had countless feral kitties and moms and all but 2 were able to be socialized and tamed. She is shocky right now, it's been a rough life for her and so just let her call the moves with you and your family. Good luck, and feel free to email me if you like.
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Melissa - I currently have 4... count them 4 'feral' offspring in my home. They are soo loving and content! You babe will turn out ok!
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Thanks for the advice Hissy I value your input immensely I'm going to take it slow like you said, she seems to be coming around fairly quickly. She went from hiding in the corner to running around like she owns the place within a few hours I think they labeled her as shy and 'wild' because of her reaction to her environment. She was taken from her mom at a young age,dumped off to fend for herself, finally found by a compassionate soul and brought to the Vet and then was kept in a small cage with her siblings in a place full of loud noises and smells of other animals all the time. She was flea and worm infested as well (the vet tech gave her some Advantage and dewormed her). Poor baby, shes had a rough start, but I'm here to make it better for her If that means a lot of extra patience, I'm willing to give her that .
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Melissa thats great!!! She is just adorable!! so is Gypsy!! Awwww I just want to snuggle them!! I too have offspring of ferals, Bod (my darlin') was exactly that, and he is the most loveable friendly cat I've ever had!! He will let you do ANYTHING to him!! I also have two other cats who were "semi feral" when we got them at 5 months of age, they are now wonderful, the male was the quickest to be tamed and female has just recently changed alot, she used to be ok around humans a while after we got her, but she would NEVER let you hold her or sit on your lap, now sheeesh!!! I can't get away from her!! hee hee - she follows me round all the time mewing for cuddles and now she even jumps up on your lap for them!!! Your baby will be just fine.... Im so glad you've taken her in, it really is good of you!!!
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Awww........ how cute, Melissa!! I love her name!
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Ok..one more and I'm done, I promise. Doesn't Kiri look annoyed at Missy?? Cuties :LOL:
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I love the expression on her face! It looks like she's smiling in her sleep!
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Oh Melissa, your pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed them!!!
Your Kiri is beautiful! She looks almost exactly like my Sabrina, and my poor sweet Ash (who passed away)

Gypsy is also a very beautiful cat, I Love her coloring!!!

I am so happy for you that Kiri is adjusting so well to you and to the other cats!!!!!
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She reminds me of a cat that lived in a house we rented over 20 years ago. We called him Moonshadow. We tried to take him with us when we moved but he kept going back to the house. As far as he was concerned it was his house. It was a 100+ yr old house and he had a secret way of getting in. He knew everyone in the neighborhood. He ate well cause he knew who would let him in for food. He had a lot of street smarts. After several tries we finally gave up and adopted a kitten from a friend. He was white like your other one but had orange and grey on his ears. We named him Star. I haven't thought of them in a while. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics and triggering some fond memories.
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Hi Melissa :angel2:

How adorable!!! They look like they're getting along great! How precious is that! Congrats!

Love & Hugs,
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They are both gorgeous! I want a new one now! Kiri is lucky to have such a loving mommy!
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I agree sunlion, she does look like she's smiling in her sleep!

If cuteness was a crime, she'd be serving a life sentence!
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