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When I rescued Villy (7 yrs old) from a shelter 6 weeks ago she had no fur on the insides of her hind thighs. I asked the shelter vet and she said this could be due to overgrooming due to stress or, some females do lose their fur there when they are spayed, and it sometimes doesn't grow back. There were no records of skin problems in her medical history. Four weeks on she still had no fur there and had made new bald patches on the backs of her front legs. The patches are not sore, or red, just bald. I took her to another vet to check for any skin disorders, and the vet couldn't find anything and said it was due to the stress of being in the shelter and moving to a new home. The vet prescribed seren-UM - a mineral supplement, but it doesn't seem to be helping as I am still seeing her worrying at the same areas. I am thinking of trying a feliway diffuser and maybe a few drops of Bachs rescue remedy in her water. Has anyone had similar problems, or used these products before? How did you get on? I would really value any ideas as I'm on the verge of pulling out my own hair!!!
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Give the Feliway and Bach's a try. It can't hurt. I wonder if Villy will eventually de-stress, and the hair will grow back as the kitty gains confidence in your home, and you earn your cat's love and trust.

Good luck; keep us posted,
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Kaya"s stomach was completly bald after losing his best friend and being introduced to a new one.The vet gave him a shot of cortisone and put him on rescue remedy, he is also very needey so I've been spending lots of time with him.The shot was in case he had allergies,but it seemed to work anyway.His fur is finally growing back but it is taking forever!
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Aw, thanks guys, I don't feel like the only one in the world with this problem now!
I'll give the feliway and the rescue remedy a try, and I hope that she'll settle down in time.
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I have seen numerous posts on this site regarding the same or similar issues, so you most certainly are not alone with this problem.

maybe if you do a search for 'bald spots' or 'excessive grooming' or something similar you may find some posts similar to yours...

good luck - how wonderful of you to adopt Villy

keep us posted
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