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weird drinking habits

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Just out of curiousity. I was wondering if anyone else has a cat with weird drinking habits. Our cat, for example, will not drink out of a water bowl. Unless, of course, you pour some of the water you are drinking from your glass (or water bottle -her favorite is whatever one my husband uses on his bike ride) into her bowl. But if you put too much in, she will just give you a look and walk away.
She doesn't like to drink from the sink, she prefers the bathtub water. Of course, if my husband is willing to drip water from his water bottle that is her absolute favorite way to drink.
Last year, after her surgery, the only way she would drink was if she could use my glass, Pyrex measuring cup (I have more than one, but there was only one she would use. it was also the only one the kids are allowed to use). Only then, you had to fill it all the way up, she would only drink a little bit, and when she was thirsty again, you had to empty it and refill it again.
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My Mishmish loves to drink straight from the tap. She keeps asking us to turn it on. She will also have ago at glasses that she finds around the house. Like if I have a glass by my bed she will drink from that. She does this by dipping her paw in and licking it even if she can reach the water. Strange eh?
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Yes, it does. Kitty doesn't stick her paw in to share your drink, she'll just start licking at it if you put it down.
Another of her quirks is if I have a vase of flowers in the house, she'll push the flowers around to get at the water in the vase (because of her I won't use the additives to extend the life of cut flowers!). She has knocked a couple of vases over to do this. Just another of her quirks that make us love her!
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My kitties like to drink out of the decorative bowl that I have on my coffee table that have floating candles in it. I was afraid that they were toxic so I covered it with 2 layers of Saran wrap. That worked until the day one of them was standing on top of the Saran digging her way in with her claws. Needless to say it is now empty with my candles sitting on the bottom. Gabby like to sit in front of her water bowl and pull it towards herself with her paw.
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I haven't seen our new kitty drink from his water dish at all. I wasn't too worried because he is still eating canned food (that is what his foster family fed him). Last night I went to the kitchen because I heard noises. He is not alowed on the counter because of the stove, but he was up there, drinking from a glass of water that was left by the sink. He also tried to drink my tea this morning when I was making my breakfast!! Cats are definately peculiar, I guess that is why we love them so much.
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I encourage you to keep out mugs or glasses instead of bowls if your cat is picky about drinking. Both of my cats insist on drinking out of glasses or mugs. Zachary likes to scoop up the water and drink it off of his paw! Shallow mugs don't take up as much space as bowls. Only problem is you have to drink bottled water if you don't want to share all the time!
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Tigger likes to drink out of the faucet, which I'm trying to stop before she stops drinking from her bowls! I also caught her one time with her head in my glass......
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my siberian is a weird drinker also will not drink off the floor.only the counter or in the sink. loves to race you to any place water comes out of a faucet to get a drink. water has to be ice cold also.
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We have a water cooler (Crystal, etc) that we have to turn the dispenser upside down because we've caught Fluffy trying to take a lick from!! She knows how to press it down, but she's never gotten a chance because I've caught her in time!!
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Ok, this tops them all. My cat likes to put his food in the water and then drinks the water. It looks really gross. But whenever I clean it and put fresh water he does it again?? WVery weird!!
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Yup, my buddy does it to.
If we put water in his water dish, he spills it (im sure he does it intentionally).
We have a bowl in the tub for him, and he loves the fresh dripping water as well. He jumps in the tub before we even get out!
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My Misty waits until someone goes in the bathroom, if its me she joins me. Someone else, she waits. However, as soon as she hears the toilet flush she is right in there and immediately dives for a drink!

She also asks me to open the tub door so that she can check out the faucet in there for drips. THEN she asks me to fill the sink with water.

TwoPaws always drinks by dipping her paw into her bowl or the sink and licks the water off. She also sits in front of her bowl and pulls it toward her! Cats are sooooooo funny at times!
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Tigger drags some of her cat toys into her water bowl..... I've found her shoestring and 2 cat wands sitting partially in the bowl!! :jarswim:

Not sure if anyone else's cats do this, but Tigger puts one paw on her bowl and tries to spill it. Maybe she's testing the depth of the water? Her piece of carpet where her bowls sits is always wet!! Other night she knocked her food bowl and water bowl over!!
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I'm glad I am not the only one with a finiky water drinker. Lily refuses to drink water from her water bowl. Instead I have a mine and your water glass on the coffee table. For some odd reason she knows the difference between tap water and filtered water
If I fill her glass up with tap water she will tip it over. I must keep her glass filled to the rim with filtered water. She loves it, and I think it is hilarious. The crazy requests our companions ask of us
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Fanny will stick her whole head into a glass to get to the water at the bottom! Zachary likes to put his favorite mouse toy in his food bowl. Sometimes we will find two or three little mousies buried under the food. Whenever he's finished playing with them, he carries them in his mouth over to the bowl, drops them in, and starts eating.
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Our friend's cat will drink water from a bowl only if there are fresh flower petals floating in it.

I've also noticed that my two cats drink their water differently. Our siamese laps it very delicately but our calico drinks from the far side of the bowl and when she lifts her head up her entire chin is dripping wet. The calico also likes to hop into the bathtub after we shower and drink from the water droplets as they slide down the shower curtain.

I'm veering off track, but cats aren't the only ones with odd drinking habits. Our 140 lb. great dane will only drink running water out of a faucet. He refuses to drink out of his bowl. We know he wants a drink when we see his butt sticking out of the bathroom waiting for someone to turn on the tap for him.
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Originally posted by miel
Our friend's cat will drink water from a bowl only if there are fresh flower petals floating in it.
That's a good one! Do they actually put fresh flower petals in his water bowl?
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So many cats with weird drinking habits that I don't think mine are weird anymore! Squirt drinks from the bathroom faucet. He jumps up and waits for me to turn on the water for him. Joey licks the drops of water from the shower curtain every morning. Whenever Joey does to decide to drink from the water dish, he first pushes it all around the kitchen floor. He sticks his head into any glass lying around.
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My cat, Tiger, also has a wierd drinking habit. After we are finished taking a shower she will climb into the tub and lap up the remaining traces of water. I thought this was rather unusual because sometimes the water is soapy but she doesn't seem to mind. I try to discourage her from doing this because it may not be healthy for her. Go figure.
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Yes, they certainly do leave petals in the bowl. That's how I noticed it in the first place. I had to ask why there were petals in her bowl. They think the cat uses it as an indication that water is there if she can see something floating in it.
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I finally found a way to get Kitty to drink from her water bowl! The only problem is, it needs to be on the living room floor and can only have bottled water in it. (My husband had shoulder surgery in January.In order to make sure he could get himself some water while I was at work, I put a 2.5 gallon bottle on a chair in the corner and put her water bowl under it in case of any drips. Kitty found it and started using it to get the drips.)
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Don`t you just love a cat that shares his food/water with his mousie?One of ours does the same thing. I once had a cat who would make a digging motion on the floor just before he drank. It was a strange ritual he did every time before he drank! We also had a cat who would shake his dry cat food before he ate it. We always laughed and said he was making sure it was dead before he ate it!
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