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My cat cries when using his litter

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I often hear my 2 year old male cat crying when he uses the litterbox. The litterbox is cleaned out nearly every day and he has never gone outside the box. Any idea why this is? He is a very vocal cat (whines for attention) but I have noticed this new behavior only within the last month or two. Any ideas?
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Observe him to see how frequently he is using the box and how much urine he passes each time. If he is urinating frequently and passing very little, he could have cystitis, which is extremely painful.
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What are you feeding him? One effective way to eliminate some likely causes is to start feeding him food designed for urinary tract health.
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I would not wait, but take him in to the vet, and ask for a urinanalysis to be done, by cystocentesis would be most accurate (and none of my cats has ever exhibited any trauma or upset from having this done).

I agree, it could be cystitis, it could simply be a bladder infection. Finding out promptly could help prevent something as extreme as kidney damage.
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So far we have never had bladder problems but it certainly seems a vet trip is an order. I seems to me your cat is definitely having some difficulties, especially since this is a change.
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I believe he only cries when he deficates. I'll watch him more closely to see if I can narrow it down. I don't think he has any issues urinating.
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aw! Poor guy! Sounds like a visit to the vet is in order...
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It's kind of hard to discuss these issues when you don't tell us what you normally feed him.
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I would agree a vet visit is in order, he could have something quite painful going on. I know if mine cried while they were passing stool they would be at the vet quick as a wink!
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Mine when I got him 3 weeks ago he was 14 weeks old.. he Meowed ALOT when he went to the litter box.. but now he doesn't.... so I guess all is well now with him.. i though maybe he was scared of something..

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If he cries when he defacates he could be constipated. Does he drink enough water? I think a trip to the vets is in order just to be sure.

Certainly, we were told that our latest arrival was prone to constipation as she didn't like to drink as much water as she should - however we found that by ensuring the water was always fresh and there was plenty in various places through the house she has no problems now.

Take a look at his stools to see if they appear dry and hard - a sign that he may be constipated.
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Stools don't seem too hard, he urinates plenty and drinks a ton of water. He is fed Iams and Meow Mix (mixed together) and each day he usually has a half a can of wet food. I think I'll set up an appointment just to be sure with the vet. Although I have this uncanny feeling that it's not a health issue.
Thanks for all the replies!
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If he's drinking too much and urinating a LOT, that could be a signal something is going on as well. I'll chime in and say take him to the vet. From what I know excessive drinking and urinating could be a sign of diabetes or kidney issues.
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L.S. has been doing the same thing for about two months now. I never thought it was serious, but since he's not stopping, I have a vet appointment for the 14th. They didn't think it was serious enough to warrent bringing him in sooner. In the beginning he used to stop vocalizing as soon as we turned the cellar light for him, but now he's doing every time he's using the box, regardless of the situation.

Personally, because of how musky he smells, I'm thinking it's a problem with his anal glands. He's not scooting around, but man, does he reek.

Sometimes I also wonder if it's just him waiting too long to get to the bathroom. His stool is normal, and he's not straining, and he's going two times a day, which is normal for him. He has to be around everyone else all the time, though. He can't stand the thought of missing something. I really do think he suddenly realizes he can't wait anymore, and that digging a hole takes too long, so he starts vocalizing. (Never a painful meow, either. He trills like he does when he wants our attention.) Kind of like a kid who waited to long to get to a potty.

I'm glad you're getting your boy to the vet, too. Personally, I always like to rule out health before behavioural. If it's something serious than it's caught early. Plus, it's so much easier to treat a health problem than a behaviour problem. I prefer quick fixes.
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